List of 10 Male Social Media Fitness Influencers You Should Know About

List of 10 Male Social Media Fitness Influencers You Should Know About

Influencer marketing has grown immensely in popularity in a matter of just a few years. Influencer marketing is something that is on almost every marketer’s radar, whether they are using it or not. Everyone knows the power of influencer marketing because really, the statistics are quite powerful. However, to generate good results with influencer marketing, there is a lot to think about and that you need to do correctly.

For marketers, this is a tricky challenge. The single most challenging part of influencer marketing is finding suitable influencers, and that’s exactly what I’ll help you brands dedicated to the fitness industry do. What’s more, that’s what Veloce influencer directory help brands do every single day.

With the right tools, finding suitable influencers isn’t difficult. But without tools, it’s a completely different ball game. For some, it’s impossible, for others, it can be possible, but they have to compromise with the quality and relevancy of the influencer because finding one that is even close to the brand’s values is tremendously difficult.

These 10 influencers have been selected using the Veloce influencer directory by simply selecting the criteria “Fitness” and “search”. And for you that are looking for more influencers, or influencers with special characteristics, there are more influencers where these came from. In fact, over 3,000.

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1. STEVEN CAO – @stevencao_

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2. Dereck Dreyer – @dereckdreyer

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3. Alon Gabbay – @alongabbay

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4. Jeff Kasse – @jeffkasser

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5. Malte S – @donmalt

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6. Fardo Popal – @fardopopal

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7. Thibault Geoffray – @thibault_geoffray

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8. Phil Jacob – @philjacob

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9. ANDREAS LINDER – @andreaslinder83

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10. ANDREW HRISTO – @andrew_hristo

Want more male fitness influencers to choose from? Want to find more specific influencers?

With the Veloce influencer directory, you can fill in the criteria “male” and “fitness”, and you’ll be presented of carefully selected male fitness influencers that you can choose from.

If you’d like to search for completely different influencers, you can do that too. Our directory has influencers in 8 niches and across the top social platforms.

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