Influencer Marketing – What do you Pay for?

Influencer Marketing – What do you Pay for?

There is clearly some confusion about what you actually pay for when it comes to influencer marketing. A relatively common misconception is, for example, that you only pay for the reach that the influencer has in their various channels. That’s not true. Here we explain what it is you actually pay for and get out of influencer marketing.

The widespread spread

Although range is of course important, because it really is, the spread of an influencer is greater than that. Just talking about range is a simplification of it all. Reach is more appropriate to talk about when it comes to traditional advertising, but when it comes to an influencer’s reach and spread, it’s more complex. As we talked about in previous articles, the influencer has built a strong relationship over time with his followers. A relationship that can almost be compared to a friendship. And that friendship has a higher value than just a reach.

A concept for a final product

By using an influencer, you basically hire an extremely niche content agency. Since the influencer himself is an expert on his followers, he is also the perfect choice to develop the idea and concept for the campaign. When we compare with a niche content agency, we mean that when you hire an influencer, you pay for everything from concept development to a finished production by an expert.

Advertising links

Advertising links, or so-called adlinks, are not the same as collaborating with an influencer. When you work with an influencer, work is done jointly and the person represents your brand and receives compensation for it. An adlink is a link that the influencer can post in their channels and when you click on that link, the influencer gets paid. Each click is usually worth a few cents and it then links directly to a product or service.

The association value

Finally, you also pay for an association value. This ball is usually trickier to talk to some players about. It is more difficult to understand how to measure it (but more on that another time). But, being associated with the right influencer is an incredibly cost-effective way to build brand and goodwill. This means that the influencer’s values, trust and image are transferred to you as an advertiser.

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