Increase Your Sales Through Successful Networking

Choosing networks

There are many different networks to use for your networking. Which network you choose should be guided by the purpose of your networking and what kind of relationships you need. If you want to do business it is a business network, it is social relationships it can be Rotary or similar.

Focus on contacts

Even if the main purpose of your networking is to create business, this is done only by creating contacts and relationships. If you stare blindly at business opportunities, your networking intent will be successful. By building relationships, people will remember you and this will pay dividends in business in the long run.
Give first and then receive
Help your new contacts first rather than start asking for help. It can be anything from presenting them to suitable contacts to coming up with warm leads. This will give a variety of returns.

Take advantage of the technology

Take advantage of social media, such as Facebook or Linkedin to get to know your contacts better. Tying ties through multiple channels also creates a relationship on several levels and increases the likelihood that the relationship will bear fruit in concrete business.


If you are serious about networking, you cannot keep all the contacts in your head. Make sure you create a system where you record the information. Conveniently it is in your contact register such as CRM system or similar. Learn to keep a note of birthdays, interests, etc., all to make it easier to create deeper relationships.


Some try to treat everyone equally and put equal focus on everyone. Do just the opposite, dare to value your contacts. Choose from the benefits they can bring to your networking purpose. Spend more time on what you consider to be your most important contacts, these you should meet more often, over a lunch for example. Less important contacts you keep in touch via email and social media.


Learn all through your networking, what works well and less well? How did it go when you met your best contacts, can you recreate it? Also, think about what made you have a good relationship with these and do more of it.

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