How to Use Micro-influencers in Marketing

Micro Influencers are something everyone is talking about right now. More and more budget has begun to be placed on Micro Influencers. But what exactly is a Micro Influencer and how can they help lift your marketing and brand?

Influencer Marketing has become a very important part of modern companies’ marketing strategies – and if it is not for you yet, you should think about. In fact, people believe more in making recommendations from friends than in traditional advertising efforts.

Influencers are real people who can create high credibility and increase ROI on your marketing efforts through their social channels. They allow companies to reach their target audience in a way that otherwise they cannot.

What is a Micro Influencer?

As Influencer Marketing is gaining in popularity, the strategies behind marketing are also changing. An Influencer with a high number of followers was considered to drive more conversion and engagement than one with fewer followers. Today, we know that influencers with fewer, but more committed followers, can have a greater impact on a company’s brand and are considered more credible. These are the Influencers we know today as Micro Influencers.

We define Micro Influencers as people with 3,000+ reach in their social channels. They are very committed to their followers and often specialize in their field. Thanks to this, they drive an extra high level of commitment and credibility in their niche. They are passionate about what they do and are seen as a very credible source when it comes to recommendations on what to buy. In addition, Micro Influencers often have a higher percentage of involvement than many larger Influencers have.

What are the benefits of working with Micro Influencers?

There are many benefits to putting a portion of your marketing budget on Micro Influencers. Imagine reaching a diligent audience and reaching out in a highly credible way. Followers feel that the content is created specifically for them – and with credibility comes conversion as well.

You simply associate your brand with a well-trusted voice in the industry and you have a direct connection to your target audience.

1. Credibility – The followers trust the Micro Influencer as they see it as an expert in their niche

2. Relevance – you reach right into a highly relevant audience

3. High level of commitment

4. Cost effective

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