How To Succeed With Influencer Marketing For A Rare Product

How To Succeed With Influencer Marketing For A Rare Product

Historically, many have associated influencer marketing primarily with more traditional consumer marketing; There is a clear product or service where the step to make a purchase is relatively short. This type of product or service is therefore relatively simple, and for many even obvious, to market with the help of influencers.

Today, influencer marketing is used successfully in more and more contexts, whether it is about recruitment, B2B, or rare purchase products – such as housing, summer vacation travel, or insurance. In this blog, we therefore give you three tips on things to consider in order to succeed with influencer marketing for just-rarely-buy products.

Work continuously and always-on

Since seldom-purchased products are generally not something you shop spontaneously on the way home from work, it is required that you as a brand reach out with a relevant message at exactly the right time. To succeed in this, it is required that you think long-term from the beginning and work always-on with your influencer investment. The chance that you will score correctly if you only make occasional influencer shots from time to time is therefore not that great, but you need to be in your buyers’ consciousness over a longer period of time and build credibility. Then the chances are greater that they choose you when it is time to make a purchase decision.

Build a story and develop it over time

To remain relevant over a longer period of time, storytelling has proven to be a successful strategy. In this case, it means that you activate influencers over a longer period of time, which helps you tell your story – not just sell your product or service. When it comes to rare purchase products, as we know, it is not always concrete functions or the design of the product or service that decides, but rather the relationship that your brand manages to create with your buyers. Influencer marketing is an incredibly integral asset, because of influencers’ capacity to assemble solid associations with their devotees. By teaming up with the correct influencers, you basically get the opportunity to loll in their wonder – and your story can be pushed, straight up to your objective gathering.

Invest in credibility

Rare-purchase products are by nature very important – either because they cost a lot of money, such as a car or a villa, or because they mean a lot to the buyer, such as deciding which child insurance to get for your newborn baby. To succeed with influencer marketing for this type of product, the ability to build credibility is a must. Here it is of enormous importance that you keep a close eye on which target group you want to reach and that you succeed in identifying influencers who reach out. to, and know how to communicate with, this target audience in a credible and authentic way. Placing your product or service in a context that does not feel genuine can rather have the opposite effect on credibility, which in turn can have a negative effect on your investment.

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