How to Network with Your Blog

Network effectively with your company blog

Do you use your company blog to network with other entrepreneurs and reach new potential customers?

In the post you can read 6 smart tips on how to use your blog to network even more effectively.

Here we share our best tips for networking with your blog:

1. Prepare your own blog

Before you start driving traffic to your own blog, make sure it’s ready. Check out what impression it gives, what posts you have to show, pictures, correct any typos, make sure your “about me” page is up to date and that there are easy ways to contact you.

2. Leave comments leading to new contacts

Leaving a comment on a blog post is a good move. There you really have the opportunity to show yourself more and create an initial contact. Some good things to keep in mind when leaving comments:

Use Gravatar to add a photo to your comment when you comment on someone else’s blog.

Gravatar is free and you attach an email address to an image. When you comment and enter your email, the image you selected will appear. You can have several different e-mail addresses and pictures if you have different websites. Preferably use a good image of yourself for a more personal impression.

Leave good comments. Show that you really read the post, leave a helpful comment. Feel free to address the blogger and encourage you to continue a dialogue if possible.

 3. Write a response post

This works extra well if there is any blogger you would like to contact but don’t really know how to do. Note down good posts you read during the week and link to those you would like to network a little extra with.

Feel free to write a response post, ie a post that is a response or continuation of their post. If your blogging tool has trackback capability, the blogger will be notified that you have linked to his blog. Then you can also email the blogger and tell them about your post and they will be happy to link to it if they find it interesting.

4. Guest blog with someone else

Guest blogging is a great way to reach new readers.

There you have the opportunity to write about your topic and at the same time get readers curious about who you are. Remember to have a good introduction about yourself and a good image.

5.Encourage your readers to comment

Just as when you leave comments on other people’s blogs, it benefits both you and your readers if they can comment on your blog. Therefore, make it easy for the reader to comment, review your comments field.

Remove any presets that you have to be logged in to a particular place or create a profile, it just reduces the chance of anyone commenting. The simpler the better.

6. Encourage dialogue

End your own blog post with a question or call, a call to action. By asking them what they think, you encourage dialogue and make them feel involved.

They are also much more likely to remember your blog if they commented. Your call to action may also be to ask them to share on social media or redirect them to a sales page where they can buy the product you mentioned in your post, if it is such a post.

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