How to Network Online

A large network makes it easier for you to pinch your dream job. Today, there are many opportunities to develop your professional network online.

The Internet has become a single large social network. You can be present on social networking services to take advantage of the potential that networking on the network has:

-If you are looking for someone’s name on Google and can’t find the person on any social networking service. It depends on the industry of course, but if you work in business and media I definitely think you should position yourself on Google and take advantage of networking opportunities online.

You should primarily have a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter. Then having a blog is a plus. You should also write comments in other people’s blogs. And as a bonus, you can get your own site, maybe with a blog, an overview of your services or your resume.

Then it is important to link everything together. So that you link from LinkedIn to Twitter and from Twitter to your blog and so on. It’s also good for Google search results. Be careful what you write. Once it’s out, you won’t get it away.


Twitter is a micro-blog where you can post short posts (max 140 characters) and follow other people’s updates.

How to get followers – users following one – on Twitter?

The most important thing to get followers on Twitter is that you write interesting and regularly and that you follow others. To send the link to their contacts, for example via Facebook, and publish it on their blog. The goal of your tweet should be to get so many followers in your industry and / or area of ​​interest that you get help if you ask for it.

Who to follow on Twitter?

The unique thing about Twitter is that you get the opportunity to follow interesting people so closely (eg a CEO of a large company). Follow the ones that interest you and want you to pay attention.

What should you tweet about?

Write about things that you are good at, that interest you, which you have achieved (for example, “now I have written this exam” or “now I have completed this project”) and sometimes from time to time tweets that reveal who you are is. Another tip is to twitter links to articles and your own opinions about them. It is interesting and shows what you think you are good at.

Think about who is following you and what they are interested in reading, and who you want them to think you are. At the same time, credibility is important. That you write what suits you and is yourself. You do not want anyone to be interested in one and call one on interview but then you turn out to be someone other than they thought.

You can write some fun posts, but not too many. Save them to Facebook. The biggest mistake I think is to write, for example: “Good morning!” or “Now I go to bed. Good night!” – it says nothing!

How to contact someone on Twitter directly?

You can contact a person by writing a post and include their username, and then you can send private messages if both follow each other.

Another good way is to retweet someone, that is, repeat their posts with a reference to them. It shows the person that you think what they said is interesting. Although the best thing is to let the person come to you, by writing interesting posts and appearing as a good person.

Have you got a job offer yourself thanks to Twitter?

No, but if I were to write on Twitter “I need a job” I would get offers. The more followers you have who like what you write, the more likely you are to get help when you ask.


Can you use Facebook to network professionally?

Of course, you can use Facebook to network professionally. But then it is important that you are careful about what you post, or that you use the settings that exist to divide your contacts into groups and then decide what the different groups should see.

You can use your status messages to tell you about good things you have done and follow the pages of employers you want to work for, then you will get news from them directly in your news feed. If you find recruiters on companies’ pages, you can get in touch with them.


Can everyone blog?

Everyone can try. But one must either be able to write well, or also have a good unique knowledge in a specific area that people are interested in reading about, and then maybe write shorter posts.

What to blog about?

You should write about what you know something about and what suits your industry. For example, if you work with something specific, you can blog about it, if you get for the job.

How to get visitors to your blog?

It is difficult to get visitors in the beginning if you do nothing strange or special and achieve a viral effect, then you can become known overnight. Otherwise, it can take up to four, five months. Many blogs for a few weeks and then give up. But you have to endure it for the first time, and blogging regularly and consistently. Make sure you have good content and write frequently and interestingly. And link to other bloggers and they will catch your eye.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization blog – for example, Google wants certain words in headings and preamps, and a lot of content. The more you design the blog that Google wants, the higher you get in the search results.


On the LinkedIn business network you can post your resume, gather contacts, be recommended and also see how many steps there are between you and someone you want to get to know.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

On LinkedIn it costs to send messages. So the main reason to have a profile there is that you should be there to position yourself on Google.

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