How to Network Effectively!

According to some sources, you get over 20 more recommendations from people you have a close relationship with than someone you only know well.

When it comes to finding inspiration for new products and new business, the weak bands play a greater role than the strong bands. You have strong ties to your family. You have a weaker bond with your acquaintances, colleagues and customers. They have knowledge that you lack. In my work as a management consultant and professional networker, I constantly transfer knowledge from one industry to another with great success.

In order to capture this paradox about weak bands, it is called “the strength of weak bands”. Contacts, in short, are a source of power. The more contacts you have, the more power you have. But it is also important to have the right kind of contacts based on your purpose with your networking. You also don’t have time to network inefficiently.

Roadmap for effective networking: What kind of networking is right for you?

You can choose to become a member of a network, pay a professional networker who gives you the contacts you need or create these contacts yourself.

What is the purpose of your networking?

Do you want to know how others solve the challenges you are constantly facing, monitor the world, get more customers or get all this at one and the same time? You should then ask the question: “Which contacts support my purpose?

Request a list of participants in a network or define the position, industry or company size the contacts should have.

Listen more than you talk!

Networking should give you new strategic contacts. You do not get this by selling yourself and your offers, but by being genuinely interested in the other person. Ask open-ended questions. Briefly tell what you do through storytelling. You become more credible and others get a good idea of ​​what it would be like to work with you.

Be a little different and you’ll see more!

At network meetings, participants have similar attire, behavior and background. We live and live in roughly the same environments. It’s hard to stand out.

You don’t have to have tattoos on my hands, which I have to appear. It is good if, for example, you put in systems to ask smart questions during the lectures or wear different nice scarfs or flies.

Help others with your expertise and contacts without any requirement

To get, you should start by giving. Be generous with your knowledge and your contacts.

Join a network where you get the founder or someone who is passionate about networking as your primary contact person.

He should preferably have his own large network among the contacts you want to get and be good at business matchmaking – Convey business and business contacts at a high and well-matched level to and from his network.

Be persistent

The last and perhaps most important point is perseverance. Do not give up! All networkers have had moments when it felt as if it didn’t provide anything. But it is in these moments that it is important to bite, like the situation and just feed on.

No one has ever gotten anywhere in business by giving up in the slightest hardship. Successful networkers have their success to thank for their endurance and endurance for many years before their big breakthrough came.

Networking is not always easy. But it’s a lot of fun and it works. Using the tips above, you have the opportunity to create a good foundation for your effective networking that will help you reach your goals.

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