How to Market Yourself with Micro-Influencers

Reaching out to social media can help you gain new customers, and you can get even better impact if you work with influencers. Here’s how to find a micro-influencer for your particular business.

Marketing through influencers has grown an incredible amount in recent years and it is a very effective way to build up your brand. What it is all about is simply collaborating with one or more people who have a steady following and who represent the company’s target group.

Using influencers can be daunting for smaller companies that can’t invest the large sums of money that are often associated with influencers.

Therefore, micro influencers can be a good choice, since micro influencers are people who have a smaller number of followers, about 2,000-10,000, but with a great engagement.

It is always more difficult to market oneself on social media compared to if an influential person tips about a company, service or product.

It simply becomes more credible and we like to listen to people who recommend something, just as we listen to a friend’s recommendation about a new salon or hairdresser they visited.

Using influencers is an effective way to reach potential customers who can deliver quick results. The influencer posts on social media such as Instagram or their blog about the company, a product they have tried or a service performed. For example, the influencer can issue discount codes to the salon’s new customers via their profile.

Inspired by the tips below: How to find a micro-influencer for your company

1. Find the right kind of influencer

It is important that both the influencer and his followers represent your target group.

2.… with active followers

Check out that the influencer has a great commitment and has followers who are active in liking and commenting. Engagement is more important than the number of followers.

3. Look for your own followers

Maybe your potential influencer is already among your followers on social media? Check out your followers and see if there is any person there that you could partner with, as this person is already interested in your company and likes you. Then the cooperation also becomes much more credible.

4. Search among local bloggers

Local bloggers usually have many readers locally, which is important as this is where your future customers are. Look for a person who you really think would like your company, and the collaboration becomes more natural and long-term.

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