How to Grow Your Business Network

The vast majority of assignments are mediated via networks, so making connections is worthwhile. But how? Here are our seven best ways.

Building your network as an entrepreneur is important and can give both more customers and increased profitability.

In general, 75 per cent of all employees’ jobs are communicated via networks, for entrepreneurs that figure is even higher.

Here are our seven best networking tips:

Mingle at events

Unpack the business cards, practice a presentation and give out and mingle – at an event, a course, a lecture or a network trip. Or join an association or industry organization.
See what suits you and your values, goals and purpose. And don’t forget the personal chemistry. If you like the people, opportunities will be created.

Bet on Hoffice

Watch the new trend, Hoffice, which involves meeting and working at home with each other. Ideal for both work ethic and networking. If you are far from others you can bet on Doffice, the same thing but at a distance.

Take a seat in social media

Network on the couch at home – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

A meeting can be extended via social media. And social media can lead to meetings. It is good to be visible and contribute knowledge on all platforms, then you get a positive stamp, and become searchable.

Be visible on Google

Even if you can’t network directly in the search engines, you can get contacts if you make sure to appear high in the search results. For example, by having a website and being visible on social channels – not least Google+.
– Google is often the first thing we do when we think about something, so it’s important that you show up with good hits – and contact information.

Join social media groups

On LinkedIn and Facebook you can join groups in different areas of interest. There is a wealth that suits you as a small business owner.
– Go in and say “here I am”, give tips and ask questions. It is not only those in the group that you network with, but by extension their networks.

Find a mentor

Connect with people you look up to by asking them to be your mentor or inviting them to lunch.
– Call or email someone you admire – surprisingly often you can get a yes. And what is so dangerous about getting a no?

Organize your own meetings

Call other small business owners in your place, or whom you met and suggest you see you once a month over a coffee and bounce ideas and questions. Eye to eye or over the net.

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