How To Create an Event with an Influencer

How To Create an Event with an Influencer

Creating buzz with the help of various events is starting to become a classic approach in marketing. But the truth is that it is not very easy to succeed. Unfortunately, it is relatively common when it comes to various flies and trends in marketing. Everyone wants to do, but no one knows how. One solution to your problem may be to create an event with an influencer.

By using an influencer when you create an event for marketing purposes, you can reach the right target group with incredible precision. The influencer will be able to help you with just the challenges that usually plague most people. We talk, for example, about reaching the right target group and above all getting them to show up. The right influencer at the right event has an attractiveness that very few companies can succeed with themselves.

Manage and take advantage of the knowledge of your influencer

Before an event, a concept is determined and developed in most cases. That concept will speak for the entire execution of the event. To get as close to your target group as possible and achieve the best possible result, it is a good idea to involve the influencer in the concept development. The influencer knows his / her followers and will have valuable insights into how the event should be planned and carried out.

Let the influencer invite his followers

When planning for potential invitations, allow the influencer to invite their followers. If it is an event that will cost money, it can be advantageous to let the influencer invite his followers at a discounted price. This probably says itself but we say it anyway, just in case; If you are going to use an influencer, use one that is niche for your audience. For example, the food influencer Jennys Warsén who runs and Joel Kumlin, who goes by the name Orb, and is a niche influencer in gaming / tech. Appointing an influencer just because it is well known has no effect on your business unless its followers belong to your target audience.

Work actively with potential exposure at an event with an influencer

The difference between creating events together with an influencer and, for example, a collaboration where you buy items is the potential for greater exposure. Your influencer invites your followers and potentially other influencer friends (who are more likely to show up if a friend is behind the event). The potential for all these guests to post things from the event is great and it’s exposure you did not pay for. On the other hand, there is of course the risk that no items are posted and you get the exposure that the guests entail. You increase your chances by kiting the event in an image-friendly way.

Beware of overselling

Let your influencer be at the center of the event and if the product is to be sold on site, let it be done in synergy with the influencer. “Heeling” too much will have a negative effect on your brand and the event can do more harm than good to your sales.

A and O to succeed with all types of influencer marketing boils down to collaborating with the right influencer. We understand that it is not always easy to understand what the right influencer means. So, if you have any questions, you can contact us and we will guide you.

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