How to Build Your Network on LinkedIn

What you should keep in mind is that the more contacts you have, the greater your reach on LinkedIn.

When searching on LinkedIn, 1st hand contacts come up first and then 2nd and 3rd hand contacts. This means that the wider the network you have, the more likely you are to appear in the search results.

In this post, we advise on how to increase the number of contacts on LinkedIn.

1. Connect with those you know

Some have failed to make contact with the people they have met before or who are in the address book. Either you can manually go through your contacts or you can upload your address book on LinkedIn. Among other things, you can upload from Outlook and Gmail.

Go into contacts and add contacts to get this picture.

2. Engage with your new contacts

Once you have made new contacts, start “talking” with them. Remember to be more helpful than sales! This way you build a network that knows you and you can, for example:

  • Comment on their posts
  • Comment on posts in the same niche
  • Send message and ask if you can help with something
  • Tip on relevant articles

3 Connect with team members

By being active in group discussions on LinkedIn you also reach the people who have similar interest. An easy way to make contact with new people. You can also send messages to group members and easily make contact by hovering over a person’s name. You will then see a box where you can view the profile or make contact.

4 Be active

By being active you can see more. One recommendation is to make a post every day which is “just right” If there are too many posts then it is perceived as spam, especially with those who have fewer contacts. Remember that your posts should be relevant and create value for the reader.

Your activities may include:

  • Share your own posts & movie clips
  • Be active in discussions
  • Be active in groups, own posts & in discussions
  • Write articles

5 Make it easy for others to connect with you

To build a network, you also need to encourage others to connect with you. You can do this by including the link to your LinkedIn profile in all communications you have. This means that the link should be included on business cards, in letters, on the website and in your email signature.

Make sure you have customized your link so it only contains your name and it will be easier to remember. By custom link I mean this: and if you have never manually changed this you have a much longer and more difficult link.

6 Use LinkedIn’s advanced search feature

Now that you have made it easier for others to connect with you, you can proactively search for new contacts through LinkedIn advanced search. Here you can search for a number of things but keep in mind that it differs depending on which version of LinkedIn you have.

Thus, a premium account offers greater opportunity to search more narrowly and with more variables than with a free account.

You can filter your searches with:

  • Business
  • First name
  • Surname
  • School
  • City (or nearby)
  • Country
  • ZIP code
  • You can combine these as you want so the more parameters you use, the better your search results will be.

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