How to Build Long-term Relationships Through Influencer Marketing

How to Build Long-term Relationships Through Influencer Marketing

Marketing your brand or service through influencer marketing has, is and will long be a very good and long-term marketing method. Is it as simple as it sounds?

To just get in touch with an influencer and let him act as a media house. The answer is both yes and no. An influencer is something much bigger than a media house. It is a human being and everyone knows that with and to human beings you have a relationship.

It is precisely the relationship that the target group (consumers) have to the influencer that is important in this context. You as a brand or service will most likely sell more or reach other stated goals faster with the help of an influencer and its target audience.

A long-term collaboration with an influencer leads to strong and long-term relationships with your target group. – If you do it right! A successful influencer marketing campaign will lead to higher brand awareness, higher conversion rate and positively influence your target group through the customer journey.

Below are various relationship-building methods to take advantage of.

Long-term influencer marketing

In marketing, long-term strategies are a well-known and winning concept. And that also applies to marketing via an influencer.

That longer collaborations build relationships with the target group is a matter of course. You have more time and space to establish your brand and also the opportunity to remind followers that you exist.

Storytelling and content

As I said, being an influencer is human just like you and me. Their followers relate to them on the same level as you relate to a friend or colleague.

Say that the colleague you like so much shows off his new bag and tells you how good it is with so many compartments and that it is made of vegan leather, then you will most likely be eager to buy the same bag.

Partly because your colleague loves it and then you will also do it and partly because it is vegan and you want to start thinking more about your environmental impact.

This is exactly how it works with an influencer and his followers, who in many cases are fans.

Credibility creates strong relationships

Credibility is of course A and O in a collaboration with an influencer. Say you are a company that sells protein powder, then you should not collaborate with someone who has never posted a training picture. It would never work and thus never go home with the influencer’s followers.

A good and well-thought-out match between influencer and product is also something that will increase your chances of high credibility. Here it is also important that the influencer and the brand itself are equal.

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