How Influencer Marketing Drives 11X Higher ROI Than Any Other Digital Media (Infographic)

How Influencer Marketing Drives 11X Higher ROI Than Any Other Digital Media

The way brands are marketing is slowly changing, however, the evolution is going faster than we realize.
And when you look at the statistics of the results influencer marketing is able to generate, it doesn’t exactly leave us questioning why it’s happening.
One might say the way brands market themselves is getting more advanced and sophisticated. In a more understandable language, the ads are getting more targeted.
Back in the days, some brands shot blindly in the air hoping to hit their target audience when they did their marketing. It could literally be throwing out flyers from a roof, hoping people would pick them up, or it could be some of the that are still used today, yet starting to lose traction. I am of course talking about Television ads.
In most cases, brands get very little information about who their Television ad reach, their habits and their ages. In fact, they don’t know how many who sees their ad. People might have their TV on even if they’re not home, or even more commonly, people might take their phone up as soon as the commercials start.
Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of the above horror examples of how some marketers choose to spend their money.
When brands themselves are doing their marketing, it has very little impact, because people don’t tend to trust them. They understand that they only thing brands want to do is sell.
But when the influencers are doing the speaking for the brands, it looks completely different.
“Research has found that consumers trust only 33% of ads they see, while they trust 90% of what influencers post,” says Hannah Rinaldi, a blogger at Eat, Drink, and Save. The reason to this is because most influencers only market products they truly like and things that they actually would by themselves.This will help your audience trust you and in turn, you’ll make more money, because the trust is carried on from the influencer to you.

How Influencer Marketing Drives 11X Higher ROI

The fact that influencer marketing has shown to drive a 11X higher ROI than any other digital media is, of course, impressive statistics. The study that investigated influencer marketing found that that influencer marketing created $285 incremental sales per 1000 impressions and that is 11x the annual ROI of traditional marketing!

That’s not all…

Compared to the exposure you get from a regular digital ad, influencer marketing ads are up forever, which means that your reach increases over time, without any further investments or efforts. A study found that you might be able t generate double the reach after the post has been made.
However, let’s take a look at the statistics of influencer marketing and how it’s able to generate a 11X higher ROI than all forms of digital media.

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