FREE List of 10 Female Social Media Fitness Influencers

FREE List of 10 Female Social Media Fitness Influencers

Looking for female fitness influencers?

You’re not alone.

Marketers identify finding suitable influencers as the single most difficult part of influencer marketing, and it’s easy to understand why.

Finding relevant influencers is extremely difficult The thing is that it’s not a difficulty to find any influencer. The caveat is finding suitable influencers for your brand with an engaged audience, a real following, and a true influence over people.

And the truth is that this is the only way to generate results worthwhile with influencer marketing. In influencer marketing, quality is far more important than quantity, and this is something that we saw was missing in the influencer space and something that people didn’t realize.

Directories are often bragging about how many influencers they have in their system, but if these individuals don’t meet the criteria above, are suitable for your brand, and meet some other highly important criteria, they won’t help you generate any marketing results. It doesn’t matter how many influencers you partner with if none of them are relevant to your brand, or even real!

In the Veloce influencer directory, all influencers are carefully selected and hand-picked by our team. This means that all influencers are relevant and genuine. Just filter them based on your preferred criteria!

To help you find influences to partner with, we’ve used our own directory to identify 10 of the top female fitness influencers that you can partner with.

Hopefully, you find something that matches your brand, but if you don’t, why not give our FREE influencer demo a shot?

Dig in!

1. Hanna Öberg – @Hannaoeberg

Social Media Fitness influencer

2. Marie wold – @Mariewoldfitness

How to find social media influencers

3. Katie Crewe – @Katiecrewe

Instagram fitness influencers4. Cаroliиe Clи – @Carolineclnfit

List of social media fitness influencers

5. Taylor Dilk – @Taychayy

Female fitness influencers

6. Jane Campbell – @Jvfitness93

List of social media female fitness influencers

7. Anna Victoria – @Annavictoria

Female Fitness influencers

8. Kayla Itsines -@kayla_itsines

Top social media fitness influencers

9. Emily Hayden – @Emilyhaydenfitness

Social media female fitness influencers

10. Tata Sissy – @Sissymua

Free list of the top social media fitness influencers

You can explore our FREE influencer directory Demo here to find more suitable influencers for your brand based on your preferred criteria.

Also, don’t hesitate to email me about anything regarding influencer marketing, or our service at I’ll be at your disposal whenever you need me. And I promise I don’t bite! In fact, I’d be more than happy to receive an email from you.

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