Influencer Marketing Follow-up & Evaluation of Results

Influencer Marketing Follow-up & Evaluation of Results

When campaigns have gone live and are completed, it’s time to evaluate – a proper Influencer marketing follow-up helps you create cost-effective results, which provide value for the target group. They are not completed when they are rolling, but that is when the follow-up and evaluation work starts. And this can be done in many different ways. How you measure and follow up the campaign depends entirely on what goals you have. Here we will go through KPIs for some common goals when it comes to evaluating influencer marketing campaigns.

Common goals and follow-up for influencer marketing


By measuring commitment, you see if the target group has interacted with the campaign. Commitment is valuable and popular to measure and follow up for various reasons. Partly to see if the campaign encouraged interaction with the target group but also because different platforms provide benefits for items with high commitment to their algorithms.

For example, Instagram loves a high level of engagement and this leads them to choose to expose the content over and over again, thus increasing the chances of conversions. After all, conversion is almost always the goal of all campaigns. The commitment also speaks to the relevance of the campaign to the target group.

Measurement points for follow-up of commitment:

  • Like markings (not focus, rather measure interactions as it requires a greater commitment from the people who saw the campaign)
  • Comments, be sure to give feedback. It is also important here to check the quality of the comments; positive and / or negative?
  • Comments specific to the collaboration
  • Shares
  • Pressure and attention


One of the most common goals and measuring conversion is as simple as it sounds – has the user performed an action? It can be anything from making a purchase to leaving your email address for a newsletter.

Measurement points for conversion follow-up:

  • Downloads
  • Purchases
  • New followers
  • New subscribers

Brand building

Branding campaigns lay the foundation for how well a campaign converts. However, it is more difficult to measure this than to measure the above goals. Because it is about the campaign in sync with influencers going home to the target group. The work between influencer and campaign must therefore fit in the target group’s eyes. There should be a close match between the campaign / company and the influencer.

Measurement points for follow-up of brand building:

  • Total reach, measures how many times the post has been visited.
  • Unique reach, measures how many people have seen the post, if a person sees it more than once, it counts as ONE unique display.
  • The number of page views
  • Association law, when you associate a brand, service or the like with an influencer.
  • Display time, how long do visitors stay on the site / how much of the campaign do they watch? If they stay for a long time – it can usually be stated that the collaboration was relevant to the campaign.
  • User

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