Display Advertising – 4 Benefits for Companies!

Display Advertising – 4 Benefits for Companies!

In a world where every human being is constantly met with new impressions, it is difficult to catch someone’s attention. It is extra difficult to catch the attention of the right people. Fortunately, there is technology that facilitates our work, and display advertising, also called banner advertising, is a perfect example of that.

Display advertising includes the digital advertising that takes place embedded, including content on websites and apps. Aim the banner ads at apps, social media & target audience niche sites.

Below we list four reasons why you do the right thing in using display advertising and what benefits it brings.

1. Display advertising and segmentation

Display advertising is a perfect tool for you who want to segment the market and only reach those who actually belong to the target group. How big the target group is obviously up to you and what campaign you create.

With display advertising, it is possible to measure the target group’s behavior and which websites they visit, which provides a unique opportunity for segmentation.

Geographical aspects affect who sees your ad and it is also possible to choose demographic criteria, the type of device the recipient is browsing and which websites you want to be on.

2. Build brand awareness effectively

When it comes to building awareness about your brand with your chosen target group, display advertising and banner advertising are very effective and efficient!

The display advertising makes sure to meet your potential customers where they are already and is constantly reminded. Because the ad is targeted to a specific segment, it easily catches the eye of the recipient.

This leads to an increased awareness of your brand and even if they are not ready to buy, the brand is close at hand for future purchases.

3. Exposures

When using display advertising, various networks are used, the most common being probably the Google Display Network, which reaches approximately 90% of all Internet users.

You are exposed to lots of different websites, not least the biggest ones such as Google and Youtube.

You can build your campaign based on your wishes as everything from banners to videos is allowed to be used.

As the advertising takes place through automated processes, you can decide in advance a budget that will never be exceeded.

4. Display advertising for remarketing

Remarketing means that someone has previously visited your website or app, and that you then follow and direct ads directly at them.

You will then reach those who already know your brand and thus have come further in the customer journey, which increases the number of conversions.

Through settings, you can also choose when the ad should follow the visitor, perhaps every time, after long visits or when a conversion has taken place?

Equally important is to choose when the ad should not appear. To be seen on porn sites or others that you do not want to associate your brand with, you obviously want to avoid.

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