Commitment and Influencer Marketing – How it Works!

Commitment and Influencer Marketing – How it works!

Commitment is a word that is used very frequently in the subject of influencer marketing. The only question is – how do you measure it and what does it really mean?

As previously mentioned in our articles, there are a variety of ways to measure an influencer marketing campaign. You can measure everything from brand awareness and impressions to completed purchases. Measuring engagement has become increasingly popular, even though it may not be as easy to do as you think…

How to measure commitment?

When you measure engagement, you basically measure all activity around a post in a specific channel.

In different channels, people usually talk about a so-called degree of commitment. It is a number that is usually stated in a percentage and should give an idea of ​​how much commitment a special influencer has. How to arrive at a degree of commitment can differ between different channels.

A normal cut that many people use is to review the last 20 posts and add up all the likes and all comments and then divide it by the number of followers that the influencer has.

What does commitment mean?

Commitment is a measure of how relevant an influencer or post is to the audience that sees it. This is because no matter how much commitment a post receives, it does not necessarily mean that the commitment is positive.

Comments can be happy as well as furious. Therefore, the engagement paints a picture of how relevant the post is to readers and not whether it will lead to increased sales.

Is commitment always equal to increased sales?

No, commitment is not equal to increased sales. Not necessarily. As we wrote above, commitment does not necessarily mean positive attention.

On the other hand, commitment usually means increased traffic. There are clear connections between posts with high engagement and posts that are prioritized by algorithms in different feeds. And the increased traffic can of course mean or at least pave the way for increased sales.

Usually the degree of commitment decreases the more followers an influencer has. At least in some kind of intermediate layer. Those who belong to the absolute elite and have around 3 million followers or more also have a very high level of commitment.

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