Business Networking for more Customers and Contacts

Networking or business networking is perhaps the world’s most effective, yet least understood marketing technique.

Almost everyone knows how important it is to get references through contacts, but very few know how to develop it effectively.

On this page you have everything you need to get started and learn techniques and get good advice on the art of networking.

  • Promote yourself as if you were advertising on TV.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and physically.
  • Tell us the results and profits in your introduction.
  • Listen carefully and ask questions.
  • Be specific about the type of customers you want. (size, industry, and preferably company names)
  • Do not send sales letter without common agreement.
  • Be the first to provide references.
  • Thomas lectures on customer service, staff care and how to network effectively.

This is how Richard Branson networks

In the 1970s when Richard Branson started networking on behalf of Virgin Music, it was about having meetings with agents, persuading musicians to sign up for them and finding dealers.

It was often about changing phone numbers which you wrote down on napkins.

Nowadays, it is much easier to get in touch with people who can help you start and develop your business. Just think of Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, they provide all opportunities for you to meet and interact with other entrepreneurs, innovative people and experts in the field.

It is important to take the first step on the road to success as you begin to form an idea. It’s about getting started and building a network.

Tip: network early and often

Be sure to attend various industry events and meet key players, meet business organizations and start learning about local market conditions.

Also remember that you can build your network and meet potential mentors already at school, at the nightclub and at business networking meetings. One day, when you get into trouble or when something goes wrong, these contacts will be the people you can turn to for help.

The next step is to find the money. People buy from people so if you don’t have people you can ask for things or sell to then you probably won’t succeed.

Starting a new business is both daunting and daunting, so it’s important to build a network of smart, supportive partners but also employees who understand and share your goals and values ​​for the business.

You also need a network of like-minded people who do what you do. Don’t be afraid to make closer contact with your competitors. When you see other people achieving similar goals, you will realize that your own plans and dreams are possible.

If you feel that a task is too difficult, there is no better encouragement than seeing someone else who has already achieved something similar. There is nothing wrong with some exciting and healthy competition, it can in many cases help you find the motivation you need!

Nearly 50 years after the launch of the student magazine, the team at Virgin Media is working on a program to help young entrepreneurs create their own networks.

As a leader and investor in many companies, our group also wanted to learn how to understand the digital generation.

We wanted to see if technologically savvy entrepreneurs can use social networks to access valuable business contacts. Virgin Media decided to work with them to create a social platform where they could present their ideas.

Virgin Media Pioneers started with 100 people in March 2010 and the network has now grown to over 3000 people and more want to join in order to discover new ways of doing business.

The site is used to help entrepreneurs no matter what stage they are in. For those who are sprinkling with ideas or dreaming of starting a company, inspiration is given. Those who try to grow are given information and resources to succeed in reaching the end.

Last year, Virgin Media invited some of the people to put forward their ideas as part of their Innovation Challenge. There were also some of these ideas that the company is now considering spinning on.

Once you’ve become a successful business leader yourself, it’s time to start finding other talent.

Remember to keep networking, because it’s the same as continuing to grow.

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