Benefits of Business Networking

As competition intensifies and the flow of information increases, personal development and the need for a larger contact network becomes increasingly important.

More and more people participate in organized networks and see them as a great resource where they receive support in their own and the organisation’s development work. KompetensGruppen runs and develops networks and starts new networks where needs arise. Today you can choose from 16 different networks, which suits you?

Benefits of networking

  • Make new contacts in your network
  • Participating in organized networks is a growing trend among managers, managers and leaders. The professional network is very important for most professional roles, as you use your network to get advice or share experiences, concrete tools and tips that enable everyone to enjoy the benefits. For example, being able to contact others who have just completed similar projects that you are facing can give you invaluable help for a successful project. Networking often strengthens the participants’ confidence and gives them an increased ability to work with change work.
  • Give yourself time for reflection and creativity
    Getting away from everyday life for half a day and having the opportunity to lift our eyes and see the whole of their work while taking in new experiences and sharing their own provides a great added value for the daily work. Give yourself time for reflection in the dialogue with other members and increase your innovation ability.
  • You give yourself time for reflection and creativity
    When you share your experiences, you get the experiences of others back!
  • Become stronger in the working group with more membership in the same or in other networks
  • Your organization gets an updated and competent staff
  • Through the networking you can increase the efficiency of the business and thus also the profitability, for example by not having to make mistakes like others have already done or by new ideas that save time and money
  • You will receive the advice and tips of invited experts
  • You get new ideas and new energy
  • You can use the network as a ball board With the network, others catch the eye of your business and what you can offer

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