Are Influencers Here to Stay?

There are many marketing challenges. How to create relevant content? How to reach your target audien ce?

Or how do you create trust in the brand? Influencer marketing is the answer to all these questions, at least if you ask those who work with it. And of course there may be some potential, but so far it is a tool that is difficult to master.

A single post can cost over 10K EUR but what this actually results in for the advertiser is hard to say. According to a study by Influencer Intelligence and Econsultancy, not even a fifth of the companies have been able to calculate the dividend these investments lead to. And according to the American Association of National Advertisers (ANA), only 36 percent of companies using influencers believe it is actually effective in boosting sales. Likes and comments are always nice but it does not necessarily lead to increased revenue.

Another problem with this type of marketing is that you let an outside person represent the brand. If you as an organization have a large sustainability focus, it quickly becomes complicated if a person who now represents the company also promotes private jet.

The problem with paid commitment is just that. That it is a paid commitment. It is therefore important to choose to collaborate with individuals who actually seem to share your values ​​and not the influencer who has the most followers.

And that the followers are your target audience. Although an influencer has a million followers, it is unusual for the majority of these to be included in the target group.

So before you jump into this trendy type of marketing, you should consider what the goal is.

If you want to increase sales then it may not be the best option, but if it is a brand-building budget you should put on, there is absolute potential. Establish clear rules of the game and establish no collaborations based on the number of followers.

Also be sure to get specific numbers of followers, unique visitors to the blog (if they have a blog), etc. Follow what happens to, for example, traffic to your website when they publish their posts.

But remember, it’s an immature industry (and maybe even influencer). Followers can be purchased, but not trust.

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