A Successful Campaign Means Good Planning

A Successful Campaign Means Good Planning

In order for the work to be as good as possible, planning is required. Plan the influencer campaign based on the following steps to achieve a desired result:

  • Mission / why: Overall – Motivate and determine why the marketing should take place via one or more influencers. Is influencer marketing the primary marketing or is it a complement to other marketing.
  • Goal: Aim and enter KPIs (key figures) on each campaign. The key figures are followed up and in this way you also see the development of the campaign. If you have no concrete goals set, there is also nothing to follow up.
  • Identification: Find suitable influencers. It is very important that the influencer / a matches with the brand or campaign. So carefully choose an influencer who has the same or similar values ​​as you – this is then a genuine and credible collaboration. This is not an easy task to decide on your own if you do not work with different influencers on a daily basis and have a close eye on the market and the range. If you take the help of a serious and proper influencer agent or influencer agency, you will get help matching your product and / or campaign, with the right influencer for your brand.
  • Evaluation: Make sure you have all the measurement ready so the evaluation can be done when the campaign is released. Do not forget to follow up, over and over again. In evaluation, you can also see black and white – what went well and what went less well? Which in turn is a good indication – what should you continue with and what should you not do again?

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