6 Crucial Influencer Marketing Steps to Succeed

Influencer marketing – that is, marketing with the help of social profiles – has become a standard tool for many consumer startups and companies.

But how do you really do as a company to reach the right way to consumers and is it even the position of your company to use influencers?

Here, we give our most concrete tips to companies to succeed in the new era’s marketing.

1. Start with a clear story

There is reason for all sorts of companies to use social profiles to reach out. However, it is mainly an advantage for companies with consumer products.

It can be anything from banks or insurance companies to e-retailers to unions.

The focus is on finding a clear message that you want to convey.

Sometimes it can be a little deeper than the product you sell. If you are an insurance company you must convey the story. Why do people buy insurance, after all, to protect themselves. You have to start there, in your own product and business strategy.

2. Do your research

A centrally wrong company is linked to failure to check up on influencers beforehand. You have to do research to find the one that is niche for your target group.

3. Forget the reach, think about the relationships

If you want to reach you can just as easily use Facebook or Google.

Social profiles are primarily for brand-building advertising. Direct conversion to purchase should come in second place.

It can be quite brilliant at times for traffic and conversion too, but the value lies in the fact that the influencer has built a credibility towards his followers and a relationship that you want to enter into. That reach is more expensive than regular banner ads where there is no built-in trust.

4. Let the influencer do the job

One of the most common mistakes, according to Isabella Löwengrip, is that the companies put in too much.

The company should of course be able to participate in determining the message and which product should possibly be seen, but in the end it is the influencer who has to decide what to do. Sometimes a product may only be visible in the image, or you will take a picture straight ahead. The most important thing is that the person decides.

It is clear that you should be able to look through so that there is no factual error but you should not be inside and pose in formulations because then it will not be genuine. It’s about relationships and things like that take time. If the follower doesn’t think it feels right, it won’t work.

How can you as a company be sure that your brand is visible correctly if you are not allowed to govern?

For companies, it’s a matter of establishing a clear identity before, so it will be easy for the influencer to create the content. It depends on the company knowing who it is and finding the right influencer.

For example, if I were to write about snuff, it would be difficult to write about the company because I am not a credible customer. If it doesn’t suit me, it won’t be honest.

5. Be clear from the start

For brands that want to be seen among Instagram stars and youtubers, it is not only important to have a clear brand – you also have to be clear about what you expect from the advertising.

Sometimes there may be an expectation of more direct conversions at once, in other cases you might think the influencer should deliver another type of content.

You have to be clear before with what the message is, how you want the person to link, whether it is a specific product or campaign and what you want out of it all. I have talked to many influencers who have not received any clear guidelines from customers who then turn sour. You would never do it so that you gave an assignment to an advertising agency with the instruction ‘just do something fun.

6. Do not choose regular advertisers

If you meet someone who has not trained to reach out with an advertising message, you will meet right. It’s hard to make it sound natural otherwise. They should be found with a natural voice. This is when you get a breakthrough.

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