5 Reasons Why You Should use Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influential people on social media is a popular method for companies that want to establish a deeper relationship with their target audience. Event Effect lists five tips on how to find the right partnerships for your conference.

Influencer Marketing has recently become a major concept in marketing and surveys show that eight out of ten people choose to use the strategy. The focus is mainly on key people rather than the entire market.

1. The first step when using Influence Marketing is to identify the key people. Look for people with high influence on your customers and then plan activities for it.

2. When organizing a conference, it is important to highlight and invite speakers that customers can relate to and have confidence in. According to the theory, it is a valuable way to handle a conference, while it is usually very appreciated by the audience.

3. Exactly what is included in Influencer Marketing depends a little on what kind of context it is. For example, B2C or B2B. No matter what kind of event you organize, it has become more acceptable for companies to collaborate with influencers within the conference.

4. Social media is a goldmine when it comes to finding key people for your conferences. Don’t be afraid to search around and enjoy bloggers and social media profiles.

5. You can also find opinion leaders with the help of market research. By choosing predefined criteria, one can see which people have the greatest impact on their audience.

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