4 Horror Examples: Mistakes to Avoid When You Should Cooperate With Influencers

4 Horror Examples: Mistakes to Avoid When You Should Cooperate With Influencers

Investing in influencer marketing is different from traditional advertising, and it requires attention at all levels. Now in Halloween, we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight four horror examples of common mistakes that can happen when you are collaborating with influencers – and of course, what to think about to avoid them!

1. You go entirely on personal opinions

When working with influencer marketing, it is a common mistake to choose influencer based entirely on your personal opinions and feelings. Many people choose profiles based on which they themselves follow, or have heard of from others – and which one instinctively thinks seems appropriate for one’s brand. It could be that you share the same interests, or that you just like the influencer’s pictures. But in fact, the profile may reach the wrong people, followers who do not play at all with the target group you want to reach. Do not blindly trust the gut feeling, but do your research properly – and start from your target group in the first place!

2. You expect great deeds right away

When your campaign has started, and participating influencers have published a couple of posts, it is easy to believe that it will be a huge success at once. You can really imagine how the interactions fall in and that sales go straight up from day 1. But such explosive results rarely happen on the first try – no matter what medium you advertise in. Long-term and continuity is one of all the keys to successful results with influencer marketing – so avoid hoping for success right after you have just started collaborating with influencers. Instead, have a plan for how you will achieve great things in 6-12 months’ time.

3. You can not evaluate the campaign

If you do not know what figures to look for after a campaign has ended, it is often very difficult to see the effect of influencer marketing – and not least to evaluate the results. Was it a certain number of new members that was the goal, was it about strengthening the brand, or increasing sales in the physical store? If you do not know what needs to be evaluated, it probably means that you did not have a clear goal or set the right KPIs from the beginning. Be careful with this, and you will avoid tripping on the finish line!

4. You control the influencer too much

In the same way that you should not choose influencers based on what you like, you should not control them too much in the content design. Because then you lose the whole thing of collaborating with influencers! In addition to buying advertising space in their channels, you actually pay for their creative knowledge and ability to create content. Only the influencer knows how he or she engages his or her audience in the best way and with what tonality for it to have an effect. If you control too much, the post will feel fake and lose credibility. Instead, let the influencer do their thing – it will pay off for your brand.

Hope you have been discouraged and make sure to avoid these mistakes when you make your first influencer marketing activation!

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