ET2C – Revolutionizing Sourcing and Procurement in Asia


Originally called e-trade2china, ET2C, has quickly become a global leader in all areas of China sourcing. Sourcing products in China is probably one of the most important aspects of doing business with China. There are many elements involved in sourcing and procurement. 

First, researching the market and having excellent contacts in China. Thanks to ET2C sourcing and procurement, they take care of all research, market strategy, and have been a leader in the Chinese markets with solid long-standing excellent relationships with multiple vendors for the last eighteen years!


Negotiations are also typically a major part of any business. When dealing with a Chinese company, these can be intimidating, frustrating, and time-consuming. Often as an early business, affording to have eyes and ears on the ground, so to speak, is not possible. ET2C, meanwhile, handles these negotiations and all communications for you, as a constant supportive hub, ET2C, understands and values all industries, from big to small companies. In other words, you don’t have to wait to be a multi-billion dollar distributor, for them to work hard for you. 

Next in line, for sourcing is, of course, order samples. With more than 2000 supplier contacts ET2C can provide you with excellent samples in a wide range of industries. They source everything from garments, footwear, jewelry, industrial and consumer goods, health and beauty, furniture, gardening and tools, and even pet care! If you have something you need to be sourced, ET2C is your global partner. 

As a brief side note, remember that many markets to a North American company, operate under its own unique culture and code of conduct. This is why having native employees, deeply familiar with the ethos and methodology of your potential partner is essential. In other words, you need an expert in Asian Markets. In a fascinating bit they wrote on their site, ET2C describes an insider view of strategic sourcing in Asia. They write the following about Sourcing and Procurement:

Asia will continue to be an important component of any outsourcing strategy for the foreseeable future. However, understanding how best to extract value from the Asian manufacturing sector is not always straightforward. The continent presents a unique set of challenges, for example across business ethics, local laws, local regulations, cultures, and language. There are also differences within each country that need to be understood and factored into any decisions made. Ultimately, how companies strategically choose to engage with Asian manufacturers is a decision on risk against profitability.

In other words, being caught without a strategic partner that is an in-house sourcing expert in Asia, could leave you high and dry when it comes to procuring your products. That being said, ET2C, still offers an option to have your own local base, an option that is very unique to ET2C.

Here are just some of the many ways ET2C goes to work for you:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Financial Terms
  • Minimum Order Quantities 
  • Cost Analysis
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Cost Analysis and Stock Holding Requirements

In other words, ET2C does it all for you! How are they able to do so much, you might ask? Well a major part of ET2C, sourcing, and procurement, is all about leveraging their expertise and experience that has to date, literally made millions of dollars for multiple companies across the globe. 

If you are ready to stop ambling with your companies future and instead invest with the leading India, Vietnam or even China sourcing company, look no further than ET2C. With an impressive record for the last two decades, ET2C has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Multiple awards and recognition have been happily given to ET2C. As a global leader, they literally have staff all over the world, assuring the highest quality, delivery, communication, and logistics. Contact them today for a quote! 

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