What is a BearWhale?

The first bearwhale occurred on March 6, 2017 when an anonymous trader placed a sell order for 30,000 bitcoins at $300 per unit. The $9M sell order represented 30 percent of the market’s daily volume and set off a frenzy of speculation. The Bitcoin community came to the rescue and acted quickly to restore the value of the market. Before the end of the trading session, the entire 30,000-BTC order had been filled, and Bitcoin appreciated to $340.

While the original transaction has been forgotten, the story of the bearwhale continues to make headlines today. A single Bitcoin collector sold 30,000 coins at $300 apiece, a record price for the coin at the time. It was not a good move for the cryptocurrency, and it has since gone back up 25 percent. But despite the recent ups and downs, the BearWhale is still remembered.

The first bearwhale attack was a massive limit order. This trader sold nearly two million bitcoins – worth just over eight million dollars. The price of Bitcoin dropped as the community celebrated and bought the entire order. Soon after, it was back up to $325. A few years later, the same type of events occurred again, and the BearWhale was able to sell all those bitcoins for only $8 million.

The BearWhale incident is still remembered as the infamous bear slaying. After the slaying, bitcoin believers were quick to celebrate by slaying the $9 million “BearWhale” in the early morning hours. The bearwhale bought 36,000 bitcoins at $8 each, which spooked the market and sent prices plummeting. However, bitcoin rose 25 percent from that time, and the story of the BearWhale continues to spread.

The BearWhale is a big-time trader. The infamous Bitcoin trader was selling 30,000 bitcoins at once at a price of $300 per coin, and was able to profit by just selling a few hundred coins. The sale distorted the markets and temporarily stalled the price at $300 for a few hours. While the price of Bitcoin subsequently soared, the “BearWhale” had not yet been defeated.

In contrast, a bear whale is a big-time trader. A bullwhale is a person who is able to invest a large sum of money in cryptocurrencies. If a bear whale buys a bunch of bitcoins, he will buy it and then sell it again. A bullwhale is a gambler who loses all his money to win.

The BearWhale was a big-time trader who sold 30,000 Bitcoin at a time. While this was a wildly successful gamble, it prompted many conspiracy theories. One such bitcoiner, nicknamed the “BearWhale,” was a person with a large amount of money and was trying to sell it quickly. The bullwhale had the motivation to cheer up busted Bitcoiners.

The bearwhale is a large-scale trader who was an early adopter of Bitcoin. The BearWhale is a trader who buys and sells in order to gain profit. The BearWhale may have been a bear, but the trader aims to maximize profits. And it could have been a whale. So, what is a bearwhale?

The BearWhale is a trader who sells large amounts of Bitcoin. The market’s reaction to this is similar to a bear in a market with a bull. The BearWhale is a trade with a large volume of Bitcoin. It has a large volume of bitcoins and is likely to have some short-term volatility in the price of the currency. The bearwhale is an early adopter.

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