What are some Cybersecurity Risks associated with Cryptocurrencies?

In this Bitcoin Era, blockchain has offered us greater means to make investments in the digital financial system, and while the operations are still advancing to newer levels, Bitcoin Revolution is doing the biddings on bringing the profits. When the network incorporates decentralization and continues giving its users the security of anonymity, there are still pressing matters on hand. For quite a while, it has been witnessed that security has been compromised unprecedentedly many times. While the system is carving itself with new features and programs, certain cybersecurity risks are rising with each day, drawing more concerns towards it.

What are the Security features of a Cryptosystem?

Cryptos are circulated through a network system which is directed by certain nodes or blocks. Each of these blocks represents a different network system that can be entered by a valid user only when they can offer a valid key to enter. All information in the system is encrypted and cannot be decoded singly. This means if one wants to hack one single network, they have to eventually attack the whole network and hack it all, which takes up a lot of resources and time.

Cybersecurity Risks under a Crypto Network

The 51% Attack

The first and most renowned attack under a blockchain network is the 51% attack. Back in 2016, in the Ethereum network and then again in 2018 in Bitcoin, this had gained a lot of anxiety and attention from both the developers and investors. Here, the perpetrators gain control of a whole network system by owning the control of 50 % of the hash present in the network. By doing so, they get the authority to gain control of the whole block, its network, and all the transactions taking place. After doing so, they are well capable of manipulating all the data and can produce false transactional information, which will help them to conduct double payments and pocket the profits.

Crypto Heists

When the crypto spaces are interlinked and most certainly share one big connectivity, this gives more prospects to the hackers to do their work silently and more successfully. After the completion of a scam, one can easily transfer their earnings to different spaces and make it quite impossible to track all the nooks. This way, even when some of the thefts can be traced, some are bound to go unnoticed.

The Rug Pull

Nowadays, when hackings are taking place under a network, many new networks are hashed by perpetrators claiming to offer good profits. By the lure of it, many investors are being attracted to such programs, and in the end, these networks are vanishing with all their investments. These scams are growing more into shapes, and if not controlled now, they can take a voluptuous shape.


It was quite a surprise when people got to know that phishing attacks are possible in a blockchain network. When the space is lined with credentials, the hackers invade the users to use their credentials by generating fake login operations and taking the information. Later, they use these credentials and gain control over one person’s or institution’s network and manipulate it further for personal gain.

Hacked Platforms 

When some fake platforms are created by the perpetrators, there are many which are already infiltrated by the hackers. Many consider these platforms to be a good choice for their investments, keep their money in the space, and later on find that all their investments are gone. Also, there is another chain where the criminals take up the personal credentials of crypto investors and later sell them in the black market for more profits.

Third-Party Application 

This is where the network connection under which the investor is entering their blockchain node is hacked. The connective network was previously hacked, and the perpetrators gain all the possible sensitive information when those are used.


Malware attacks prove to be one of the most serious blows to a crypto environment. Here, the perpetrators use a certain malware to enter the hardware system of a mining machine and steal the mining resources. This way, they can track the hash and easily gain the whole network’s main algorithm.

In this Bitcoin Era, when it is important for one user to run for greater opportunities, they should also consider their sensitive information. Nonetheless, when the users are being careful, the system should be more authoritative to take charge in the light of such blunders and fix these issues faster.

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