The Watch Market is Steadily Rising in Popularity

The market for buying and selling popular watches is skyrocketing, with many watch enthusiasts collecting known brands and timeless pieces and doubling their profits along the way. Are you also crazy about watches? Then read along here, where we will dig deeper.

We are all familiar with the most popular brands of watches, from Omega and Roger Dubuis to Rolex. Their luxurious design and modern look, coupled with the newest technology, make these timeless pieces a must-have and possibly an excellent future investment. The rising popularity of watch collecting is a direct reflection of the skyrocketing global watch market.

A watch from a famous brand can increase in value almost minutes after the purchase, and some even double their value over time. This has made these high-tech and luxurious accessory pieces grow in popularity, and you’ll see many watch enthusiasts today gathering huge collections and browsing boutiques, flea markets and the internet for more pieces. Wristwatches are now made using advanced technology with design and functionality in mind. 

Roger Dubuis: Pushing the Limits of Technology and Craftsmanship 

With the new Monovortex Split-Seconds Chronograph, Roger Dubuis pushes the limits of technology and introduces Hyper Horology – a perfect blend of high-tech and fine watchmaking in one piece created with the highest standards. This is the Lamborghini of watches, you could say. This watch is equipped with a 360-degree tourbillion to regulate the movement consistently and counteract the effects of gravity. The Swiss watch manufacturer, Roger Dubuis, has been a pioneer in pushing innovation and modern designs since 1995. The watch collection features bold colours and marvellous details with impressive mechanical features. 

From Selfwind to Modern High-Tech Solutions 

The history of watchmaking is fascinating and rich. The first portable watch was invented in the 15th century, and it was an important step in the history of timekeeping. The first mechanical pocket watch, also known as a self-winding watch, was a mechanical leap back then, and it was powered only by its internal mechanisms. Electric-powered watches emerged in 1957, and the invention was commercialised a decade later. Today’s modern and high-tech wristwatches are governed by the same principles as the old watches, but they are in a league of their own and pushing the limits of technology. Like then, they are also a fashion statement like no other and owning a luxurious wristwatch is like joining a secret club.

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