Quick and Safe Side Hustles to Save Your Budget

As the inflation figures skyrocket in Europe and across the globe, more and more people find it hard to make ends meet and afford the same level of expenditure with only an official monthly salary at hand. How can you close an online credit or finance your children’s education if your disposable income is losing its purchasing power month by month? 

Luckily, there are many side hustle variants for online work or work from home that can close your financial holes and scrape some spare money for your favorite delicacies or a night out with your family. 

Freelancing Online 

The digital space is growing in leaps, with new professions emerging every day. Therefore, you won’t experience any trouble with finding a non-demanding online job with flexible timing and favorable terms. Here are some variants you can consider for adding a fair sum of money to your monthly budget and working a couple of hours a week in the comfort of your home. 

Content Writing 

Content is still king, no matter what skeptics say about that. Millions of websites publish new content every day to reach out to their audiences, build trust online, and share their insights and news. That’s why there are always tons of jobs for content writers, and you can also try your hand at content writing for reasonable compensation. 

It’s pretty easy to register on global platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer.com, or Upwork, where you can sell your writing services and take as many orders as you can complete in your free time. The truth is that there are not that many Romanian writers available online, and you can make a good career writing in your native language or translating from and to Romanian (if you also know a foreign language). 

Website and App Testing 

As the digital universe expands and new apps and websites struggle for user attention, UX/UI testing is gaining prominence as another freelance job. Many businesses want to learn the users’ first-hand opinions about whether their solutions are intuitive and convenient. That’s why you can earn some money by testing digital products’ usability and giving your feedback. 

AI Applications 

The pace of AI introduction in all digital operations is truly unrivaled. The advent of ChatGPT and related AI tools with immense capacity has changed many things online, and forward-looking users are embracing these opportunities. This way, you can register as an AI content editor or streamline your social media and marketing efforts with AI tools, thus spending less time on routine operations. Indeed, the potential of AI is far from fully understood yet, so you may study various tech blogs and video tutorials to find dozens of monetization and automation opportunities. 

Online Surveys 

Completing an online survey for money is one more side hustle that won’t take too much time or require any specific expertise. Many people turn to this earning opportunity, though it is far from lucrative in the traditional sense of this word. Most websites pay little for surveys; a common practice is to grant gift cards for their own products and services as a reward for a completed questionnaire. Therefore, we recommend turning to this earning option only if you’re planning a purchase on a particular website and want a discount. 

Affiliate Blogging 

This earning method has proven highly lucrative, but you should understand the prerequisites for effective affiliate marketing. First of all, you should have basic programming skills to build a website (or several websites) and join an affiliate network. Once you have a website, it is vital to drive good traffic to it; otherwise, it may remain a dead weight without any rewards for you. 


The era of book publishing accessible only to the chosen few is long gone. Nowadays, you don’t need to impress a mature publisher to let the world read your masterpiece; you can self-publish any book with the help of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and similar services. In most cases, the digital book’s release won’t cost you a cent, and all printing expenses are borne by those who want to buy your book in the paperback format. Thus, you can easily monetize your creative talent and reach out to global audiences with self-publishing opportunities. 

YouTube & Instagram Advertising  

Are you a social media maniac? Publishing regularly and having your own tribe on social networks? Then this earning variant will suit you perfectly. If you have been consistent in your social media content and have earned a certain reputation as an influencer, you can easily partner with local brands and advertise their products and services for a fee. Whether getting free merchandise from these brands or being paid for the commercial promotion to your audience, you will surely enjoy multiple rewards. 

Offline Side Hustle 

Not everyone wants to spend their entire lives online, especially those who have a poor level of digital literacy or work at the computer all day long. These people can choose from a variety of offline jobs that can be flexibly incorporated into their spare time. Here are some workable variants. 

Dog Walking 

Owning a dog is a pleasure, but not everyone is ready to walk it twice a day at long distances. If you’re fine with dogs and want to add more hours of active walking in the open air to your daily regimen, you can market dog walking services in the neighborhood. This solution has a dual benefit – extra money and an active lifestyle. 


Another option is babysitting; there are always couples with small children and a catastrophic lack of time somewhere nearby. You can offer babysitting services to people you know and negotiate a couple of hours in the evenings or on days off, thus helping others and improving your financial well-being. Love for kids and endless patience are a must for such a job. 

Airbnb Room Rent 

If you have a spare room in your apartment, submitting it to the Airbnb website is always a workable option. There are always many tourists around wishing to visit Romania without breaking the bank on rent. 

Always Choose an Option That Fits Your Lifestyle 

As you can see, earning a couple of extra euros is always possible, provided you’re creative and energetic enough to spend a couple more hours after work on the side hustle. This way, you can experiment with alternative jobs, help people around you, and earn the money you need to live a full life.

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