Mine Cryptocurrency with your Smartphone: How and Where?

Mine Cryptocurrency with your Smartphone: How and Where?

If you are active on social media and are updated about news, you will know about the viral phenomenon, cryptocurrency. And if you are someone who takes an active interest in crypto, you will also know that it needs to be mined. The process of mining cryptocurrency involves rather complicated steps.

To mine a coin, one needs to solve complex mathematical problems to gain access to the blockchain. Along with the ability to solve the problems, one also needs a massive amount of internet and most importantly a well-built device. Traditionally, crypto is mined on desktop computers or laptops with a highly defined configuration. 

Most people who actively mine and deal with cryptocurrencies have an elaborate setup with strong bandwidth. Both of these factors are crucial. Crypto mining is a complicated task, it needs complete dedication and a lot of patience. However, it can be adequately rewarding as well.

Can I mine bitcoin on a smartphone? 

So, the question now is, if it is at all possible to mine cryptocurrency through a smartphone and the answer is, yes. However, mining is different from trading. You can keep a track of your bitcoin and carry transactions through websites and apps such as cryptocurrency.

You can mine coins through a smartphone. However, it can be a complicated process. Professional crypto miners use a specialized setup and dedicate a massive amount of energy and time to do so. Therefore, when you plan on doing it on a smartphone, you will have to be clear from the very beginning that you won’t be able to perform as well as them. Neither will you be able to earn as much reward as them. To explain simply, mining cryptocurrency needs a broad setup and resources which smartphones cannot provide. This is the reason why there is a clear disparity between the outcome of mining cryptocurrency on a mobile phone and that on a computer.

How can I mine cryptocurrency with my smartphone?

To mine cryptocurrency on your Android phone, you will need an app that supports mining. Apart from that, you will also need your charger to continuously keep up your battery strength. Fast internet connectivity is also crucial.

  1. Spark Pool – This application has been operating for the last three years. It provides mining pool services that are of professional quality. It is completely dedicated to the users and has a commendable reputation.
  2. Robomine – With a simple interface and user-oriented approach, Robomine is one of the leading apps that facilitate storing, trading, and mining cryptocurrency. It is almost similar to a digital wallet.

Things to keep in mind.

Before you start your journey of mining cryptocurrency with your smartphone there are certain things that you need to take care of –

  1. Google and Apple supported phones do not allow mining crypto. You can mine only on a device using Android.
  2. Google Play Store has banned all the mining apps that could be used in mobile phones. However, there are still some apps that you might think helps in mining. But most of the time, they help you manage your crypto and not directly mine them.
  3. Side effects can be a problem. Some of the common ones are – increase in phone temperature, battery damage, and issues concerning overburdening of the phone which can lead to failure in the performance of other apps.
  4. Mining crypto requires a heavy consumption of the internet. Speed is also important.
  5. There is a big difference in the revenue that one receives from mining crypto from a phone from that mined on a desktop setup.


Cryptocurrency mining is difficult, more so when done through a smartphone. However, if you want to start off with the trade to check out your compatibility, you can start with a smartphone. If you can get your hands on one that is not being used for any other purpose, you might get better results.

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