Credit Fitness: Why Your Score is a Reflection of Financial Health

We hear how important our credit fitness is every day, but do we take the time to understand what it can actually mean for our financial health? Why is a credit score so important, and why is it considered a reflection of the kind of financial stability and wellness one may have? Here are some reasons why so many aspects of life require a great credit score: 

A healthy credit score helps open doors—literally 

When landlords are checking out potential tenants, there’s one big thing on their mind. They want to know whether you can pay your rent every month. While there are places that may not be that strict when it comes to good credit, the reality is that if you want to live in the kinds of places that appeal to your lifestyle, you may want to consider improving your credit. 

Not only is this true of apartment renting, but your credit can also impact one of life’s biggest decisions: buying a home. Getting a great deal on your mortgage loan has a lot to do with your financial well-being, which in this case will be very much connected with your credit score. Take time to check out options using a mortgage loan calculator to help you be prepared for your potential home purchase. 

Your payments show your reliability 

Imagine if someone came to you with some sort of request for help or trust in their abilities. But that same person’s history showed that they weren’t as reliable as they would need to be to earn your trust. Would you be able to offer them help in knowing their typical way of operating? 

That’s the thing about your credit score. A poor credit score shows potential lenders that you aren’t promising the best ability to pay your loan off on time. While there are options out there and they could still get you the loans you need, you may find it more challenging to find the loan that you want. 

Simply put, you save money with a good credit score

Showing that you have the financial reliability and stability needed to pay off loans helps to ensure you get better interest rates and deals when shopping around for anything from a car to a home. It takes work, but that work is time well spent if, in the future, it helps you reach all kinds of dreams and allows you to save on several things in your life. 

If you want to be offered the kinds of savings that can only be found with an excellent credit score, talk to a financial professional to help you clean up your finances and your credit score. 

Budgeting makes a difference

Financial planning

If you’re not budgeting your money, then this may be one big reason why you’re not making the kind of improvements in your credit score that you’d like. If you have some credit card debt, you want to make the appropriate moves to budget to pay it off. Whether you use a paper and pen budget planner or you use one of the many options for budgeting software online, just make sure that you start budgeting in a way that allows you to clean up your credit. 

You may have enough income to not be living with a poor credit score, but your bank account doesn’t reflect this. Your spending habits may need a little bit of check-in so that you can spend less on things that don’t matter and more on things that do. 

In Conclusion

From buying a home to getting an auto loan, it’s not easy to get the deals and rates that make a difference if your credit score isn’t as great as one would like. Start working on your credit today for better financial health and moves tomorrow. It’s worth the investment! 

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