15 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

1. Affiliate programs

You can often get revenue by taking advantage of the affiliate links that some crypto-related companies offer, which could certainly be worthwhile if you have a larger audience on social media and people that you can share your link with.

2. Cashbacks

With more and more merchants accepting crypto and offering incentives to buy with it, you can use the cashback reward system to earn money when you use your digital coins.

3. Dividends

There are several crypto projects that share their profits with token holders – which can allow you to earn dividends for holding their tokens (which isn’t usually too difficult to get into).

4. DeFi lending

Essentially, these types of lending services allow you to deposit your crypto and earn through smart contracts that will automate your interest rates for you.

5. P2P Lending

Using a peer-to-peer lending service, you could leave your digital coins to earn interest, which could be worth keeping in mind if you’re not planning on using your crypto anytime soon.

6. Mining

While crypto mining isn’t quite as popular today as it was back in the early days of cryptocurrency, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worthwhile for cash returns down the line.

7. Cloud mining

Cloud mining allows you to take advantage of a company’s setup so you don’t have to invest in an entire rig yourself, nor do you have to worry about the high electricity usage.

8. Master node

A master node may require a larger investment and some technical experience, but master node projects form blockchain networks can often provide you with a great bonus if everything goes well.

9. Referrals

Several companies will reward you for referring others, which is another avenue worth considering.

10. Staking

Staking is a process where you lease your crypto to the blockchain and earn rewards through it.

5 more ways you could earn passive income through crypto

Additional ways of earning passive crypto income include:

  • Find a platform that can allow you to earn through DeFi
  • Check out yield farming (generating yields from crypto)
  • Run a lightning node
  • Taking advantage of forks and airdrops

Try margin lending (using leverage from borrowed funds)

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