Why you Need to get to Know Your Customers

Why you Need to get to Know Your Customers

Building up and running a functioning company is difficult. You have probably lived through many years of adversity and a series of failures before you get to where you are today. Of course, you want all customers to be satisfied. The question is, do you get to know your customers well enough?

If you succeed in giving your customers a good experience, they will most likely use you more times. In addition, they will speak well of you to their friends and acquaintances, a pleasant situation that most companies simply want to sit in as it leads to a good reputation and more referred customers.

Remember that everything you fought for leads to you getting:

Satisfied and repeat customers.

New customers on recommendation from existing customers.

However, many companies seem to place most of their focus on selling to brand new customers. So much so that they forget to take care of already existing customers.

Value for the customer or customer value for you?

Let’s assume that your customers stay with you for a five-year period. This means that the value of the first sale is 20% of the total value. Still, this is where you put most of your focus.

The remaining 4 years of the collaboration thus account for 80% of the total value for that customer. By turning a bit on where you spend your energy, you can make your existing customers more satisfied. You do this simply by putting more energy into developing the services you have to provide greater value and a better service to your current customers.

Find out what your customers likes

Get to know your customers.

Be patient and make sure your customers grow and develop.

By helping your clients achieve success, their relationship with your company will be strengthened. If you do not have it before, you will soon have many repeat customers who recommend you to several people in their surroundings.

Good business

When you ask your customers what they think, you get answers to what you do well and what you can improve. Then you get the information you need to be able to grow your business based on what your current customers say (Those who actually know what your businesses about). The reviews you receive from customers will also help you spend more time on existing customers. At the same time as you will increase your new customer acquisition!

More time for current customers + increased sales

It may seem strange that you should be able to spend more time on your existing customers and at the same time increase your sales.

The bottom line is that by spending time helping your customers grow, they will also experience that they are receiving a service that really adds value to them. Customers will then be more likely to talk well about your company. Like ambassadors. If you can get all your ambassadors to write about your business, you can make sure thousands of potential customers get to know what your current customers think of you.

Show your reviews

There are several benefits to having a strategy for collecting reviews. Recently, an experiment was conducted in which through customer reviews as the only marketing channel, an invented restaurant became the number one of over 18,000 restaurants in London. Something that confirms that subjective stories from previous customers weigh heavily when new customers choose which company to hire.

Primarily, the biggest benefit is precisely the impact of your judgment on potential customers. There are simply more people who choose to buy from you if you can show off what your previously satisfied customers think. But it also gives you the opportunity to improve. The feedback you receive is valuable, so take it into consideration and improve based on what your customers say.

Of course, when collecting reviews, it is also important that you show these in relevant places. A must is on your website where you know that visitors make their buying decisions. It gives you an increased conversion rate, but it also makes your website more qualitative. The more frequently your website is updated with reviews, the better it ranks in the search results.

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