What Are the Challenges of Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Large Corporation?

When faced with filing a personal injury claim against a large corporation, it could feel like a David versus Goliath fight. Unfortunately, you most likely don’t have a magical slingshot in your back pocket to easily take over a much larger and more powerful opponent. Attempting to fight for your rights against a large corporation by yourself is not only foolish, but it’s a sure way to be bullied into submission. So, how do you fight the powers that be?

The Challenges of Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Large Corporation

If you’ve been harmed by the negligence of a large corporation, you probably are already aware that you’ll be facing a lot of challenges. While some corporations may choose to quickly offer you a settlement and have you sign your rights away on the dotted line, whatever they’re offering you is definitely nowhere near what your claim is worth. When battling a big corporation, they’ll put up as many roadblocks and hurdles as humanly possible. Here’s what to expect.

If you’ve been injured by a large corporation, contact a Bridgeport personal injury lawyer. They have the power and the brawn to fight to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your damages. Don’t go into the boxing ring alone without a legal team on your side.

Time Is on Their Side

When filing a personal injury lawsuit against a large corporation, they are under no obligation to pay out a penny. They have the option of offering you a settlement, but most will choose to drag it out as long as they possibly can. It’s to their benefit. You, on the other hand, could quite possibly be out of work and not earning an income while your medical and other bills keep piling up. Unfortunately, you don’t have the benefit of time.

Complex Litigation

Whether your claim is cut and dry or highly complicated, large corporations have the ability to toss as many roadblocks and delays in litigation as they legally can. A big corporation’s legal team can make things as difficult as possible. Typical stall tactics can include:

  • Objections to discovery requests
  • Filing to dismiss your claim
  • Requesting the case be transferred to the Federal courts
  • Postponing discovery phase meetings

In short, whatever tactics they can use to drag out the clock and put more pressure on your financial situation, a big corporation will do it. They’re well aware that they are in the power position.

Aggressive Defensive Strategies

As the little gay or gal, you’ll be going up against a massive legal team of highly experienced and savvy attorneys. They can easily attempt to bully you into submission to drop your claim or to take a lowball offer once you’ve really begun to feel the pressure. The thought of going up against an entire team of lawyers could leave you with endless sleepless nights.

How To Take on a Large Corporation and Win a Successful Settlement

Fortunately, you don’t have to battle a big corporation on your own, and you can do so without any immediate expense. Personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss the terms of your case, so even speaking with an experienced legal professional won’t hurt your wallet. If they agree to take on your case, they’ll only be paid if they win a settlement in your favor. This type of payment agreement is referred to as a contingency fee.

Attempting to receive compensation from a large corporation without an experienced personal injury attorney will only result in headaches and frustration. You’ll want a professional on your side to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation. However, be aware that while most personal injury lawsuits are settled without the need for a judge and a jury, they aren’t settled overnight.

If money has become a burden, with the help of your attorney, you can seek out a lender who will offer you what’s referred to as a settlement loan. Many lending institutions will provide you with the expected amount of your settlement and will cut you a check for a predetermined amount. You’ll have a legal obligation to repay this debt once you receive your settlement.

The Challenges of Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Large Corporation Explained

But imagine how differently things could go if you had your own legal team fighting for you. Never attempt to fight the big guys without a big guy of your own. If you’re seeking compensation for a large corporation, don’t proceed without retaining a personal injury lawyer.

Going up against a large corporation can be the things that nightmares are made from. Just the thought of facing a team of highly trained corporate lawyers should send shivers up your spine. They are in control of how everything will pan out and are under no obligation to offer you a penny until they’ve exhausted all legal ways of delaying your claims.

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