9 Ways to Capture More Customers with Lead Magnets

9 Ways to Capture More Customers with Lead Magnets

The best way to capture more customers is to offer so-called “lead magnets”.

There are a few different ways you can use it. Think about which is best for your business and your business. Your offer should be specific, of value to your visitors, and combined with you getting their contact information. The aim should be to convert your visitors into leads and in the next step to customers.

What is a good lead magnet?

  • Offer something for free – checklist, best tools, try for free, etc.
  • Coupon with an exclusive offer, free shipping
  • Downloadable PDF, whitepaper, e-book
  • Webinar, live training
  • Free consultation, free chapters from your book, free trial

Here are 9 tips on how to capture more leads.

1. Newsletter

Newsletters are a common and easy way to communicate with those who are already interested in what you do. If you do not keep a high quality of your newsletters, the risk is that people will unsubscribe.

2. Checklist

Offering a checklist is quite simple. Once you have created a nice checklist, you can reuse the template over and over again. Have a stylish landing page linked to leaving an email address upon receipt of a checklist. Simple and neat with a direct value for the client.

3. Cheat sheets

Cheat sheets are similar to checklists but give the reader a list of tips and tricks that step by step help the reader succeed. This can be reused to achieve or succeed with a specific thing. They are very popular as it is easy to follow the tips without having to read too much into an area.

4. eBooks

Creating an e-book is another example of a lead magnet. In order for it to work, you need to clearly explain what benefits the reader can get from downloading the e-book. Ask yourself, why would anyone take their time to read your book? If you already have a blog, you can certainly reuse some material and adapt it to an e-book. If you run out of time, the alternative is to buy help through, for example, Fiverr, Freelancer or Guru.

5. Downloadable PDF

This is one of the best and unfortunately often untapped customer magnets. Easy to create and you get good results. The easiest way is to find your most read blog post, save it as a pdf and offer it as a downloadable version in exchange for an email address.

You will be surprised how many people choose to sign up for the email list to access exactly the same thing, albeit in a PDF. The difference here is that they “own / receive” your blog post.

6. Webinar

Just as movie clips and podcasts are popular and good magnets, webinars are a very good alternative with high value. People like to learn things and you’ve probably seen how popular these movie clips are on Youtube. This is a great way to collect leads and start converting them into customers. Webinars have another advantage, namely the time aspect. Often they last for a limited time which makes them more interesting due to the fear of missing something interesting.

7. Expert advice

If you offer services and position yourself as an expert in your field, free expert advice can act as a lead magnet. There are several options that you can do this and the important thing is that you collect email addresses. Decide how long it may take, what the offer should be and how long it should be available.

8. Free “trial”

A free trial period is very interesting. The main advantage is that you can collect more information about the people who are really interested. If you have been looking for tools online, you have probably seen that there is often an opportunity to try the tool before you decide.

Some tools have a smaller and less advanced versions completely free and when you find that you lack some features you can upgrade to a paid version. Many companies have a large and clear “call to action” for you to sign up for free tests or demos directly on the website. But you do not need a company that has the tools to offer this.

9. Discount Coupon

A discount coupon works well at the end of your sales tunnel because most people who make a purchase online like to look for offers. Your company should be where these people look and offer a discount in exchange for their email address.

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