Top Three Private Jet Amenities that Modern Businesspeople Will Appreciate

Private jet rental used to be exclusive to celebrities and billionaires. However, today, businesspeople are enjoying the luxury it provides too—and finding the convenience it offers is essential to their business success. As more and more business travelers turn to private jet charter, private jet manufacturers and brokers are continually working to improve the aircraft and services these passengers need. Are you making the most of everything private jet travel has to offer?

Top Three Business Jet Amenities

Private jets provide comfortable, luxurious travel and save you hours, if not days, of precious time. Let’s look at the top three business jet amenities that can elevate your trip, whether you want to relax, entertain, or take care of your business.

An Office in the Air: Doing Business as Usual

Today, staying connected is essential—as is having information and data at your fingertips. When you fly privately, journey time isn’t wasted; you can maintain those connections and do business as usual.

The 2018 Harris study, The Real World of Business Aviation: Survey of Companies Using General Aviation Aircraft, found that business jet passengers spend an average of 63% of their in-flight time working—compared to just 42% when they travel commercially. 66% of these passengers said they are more productive on business aircraft flights than when they are in the office!

Private jets and terminals can provide secure high-speed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia equipment, private workspaces, and meeting rooms, and most private jet cabins are very quiet.

These facilities mean that even when you’re at the airport or in the air, you can still:

  • Prepare business proposals, accessing online materials, files in the Cloud, and apps.
  • Work collaboratively online or with fellow travelers.
  • Deliver a presentation or hold a meeting, be it an in-person, virtual or hybrid event.
  • Enjoy the peace, quiet and amenities you need to concentrate on your work.
  • Work on business-sensitive materials and take confidential calls without concerns about being overheard, overlooked, or hacked.

While many planes offer free Wi-Fi, always confirm this with your broker. Wi-Fi fees range from $3.00 to $8.50 per megabyte depending on the region.

Gourmet Dining for You and Your Fellow Travelers

The standard fare on a private jet will always be far superior to the food you can usually expect on a commercial flight. However, you have the option to request bespoke catering. Do you want a gourmet meal to impress potential clients or business partners? A feast to treat hard-working colleagues or employees? Maybe you would like the menu to factor in dietary requirements. Perhaps you like it to reflect the cuisine of the country you’re traveling to or dishes native to the countries of your fellow travelers? All this can be arranged.

Of course, custom catering costs will vary based on your requirements. You can expect to spend $600 to $1,000 for lunch for 4 passengers.

Arriving Rested and Refreshed

Commercial flights and public airport lounges aren’t known for being restful, spacious, or well-equipped with exercise facilities. Cramped, noisy, long flights, coupled with jet lag, can leave you feeling exhausted, stiff, and stressed when you land.

Private jet travel offers a very different experience. Private jet terminals sometimes offer their own accommodation, gyms and spas. Imagine being in your hotel room just minutes after you land.

But why wait until you land to get a good sleep—or a workout? Private jet cabins are designed to reduce noise, and with far fewer passengers and crew on board, you will get the quiet you need to get a good night’s sleep. You can expect comfortable reclining seats as a minimum. Many private jets offer seats that convert to couchettes, while some even offer private bedrooms or VIP suites with proper beds. Onboard gyms and spa treatments are available on some private aircraft too. That means you can arrive at your destination feeling good and looking good, ready to take on your next task.

Private Jet Rental: Helping You Succeed in All Areas of Life

Private jet travel offers an unparalleled level of flexibility. It not only allows you to travel where and when you want, but to work, relax, sleep, and exercise where and when you want too—not to mention eating well. Plus, there’s the option of letting your broker or concierge arrange additional services such as transfers, theater tickets and restaurant bookings. Everything can be arranged for your maximum comfort and convenience.

These amenities help you control your schedule, reduce stress, increase productivity, and achieve a better work-life balance. So, if these amenities aren’t standard on your next charter, ensure you request them—and elevate your business travel.

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