Thinking Of Working Remotely But Not Sure Where To Start? Here’s Some Help

Thinking Of Working Remotely But Not Sure Where To Start? Here’s Some Help

As time progresses, businesses have become more flexible in their work environments and how they function. Work from home or remote working has become more popular, as companies make constant accommodations without giving up too much in terms of productivity and functioning. If you are thinking about working remotely, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Companies That Offer WFH

An important aspect that will play a significant role in your ability to work from home will be the availability of specific job roles and positions at different companies. Not all companies offer the ability to work from home, whether it’s due to the industry involved, the specific jobs that require you to be in person, or simply the way a company is outfitted and holding the capabilities to do so. If work flexibility is your top priority, you need to ensure that potential companies offer you that option.

Career Field

When you are thinking of working remotely, you should always consider the type of work you are doing in addition to what companies offer. Companies can offer different opportunities when it comes to work flexibility, but that boils down to the type of jobs and roles available.

The concepts from understand that certain jobs cannot function in a remote working environment and must be done in person, and certain jobs greatly benefit the remote sphere. If you want to have the flexibility and opportunity to work from anywhere, you have to ensure that your job role allows that. If you are working with coding, IT, design, creative fields, and anything to do with computers, chances are that you will be able to work remotely, given the right tools. If you don’t have the right job qualifications for specific roles, your options may be limited. Before you commit to following a specific career path, consider remote working options if that is a priority for you.

Your Equipment

Working remotely means that you need the proper equipment and programs in order to be able to complete your jobs. Writers may not require much more than their personal laptops, whereas someone that has to deal with more important and secure information may require a dedicated work computer, that is able to handle specific programs tied with their job, and must operate on a safe connection and server.

Consider if your company will offer you this equipment, or if they can reimburse you for any costs. If that is not an option, and you have to pay for your own working equipment, you may be able to write off your expenses through your taxes, as they are tied with your work. If you want to be able to work remotely, you have to ensure you have the right tools for the job.

Self Discipline

One thing that you need to consider when you are working from home or outside the typical office, is the fact that you are essentially creating your own work environment. This leaves you vulnerable to distractions and potentially decreased productivity. It is important that you maintain your concentration to keep up with the workload that you would normally have to manage when you are in an office.

If you can, create a separate space dedicated to where you will do business. Working from home, it should be easy to set up a small office space. If you are traveling and working remotely, try to always find a quiet space to get your work done.

Not only do you need to find an environment conducive to consistent work, but also need to ensure that you are managing your time wisely, as you may be expected to work off hours or extended time as you have the capability to do so remotely.

Going Into The Office

Some businesses will offer you the ability to work from home, but not always exclusively. If remote working is important to you, it would be helpful to ask about the need for you to come into the office. If a company needs you to come in once a week, or periodically within the month, this may not work for you for several reasons. You might not have the needed transportation or ability to travel into your company’s office space.

If you work abroad or plan on moving or traveling, coming into an office may not be possible either. Be sure to check in with your employer if this is a necessity or if there are ways to work together around it. This will save you, your team members, and your employers a lot of time and headache in the long run.

Freelance Options Vs Permanent

If you are looking at your options to work outside a traditional office environment and structure, one of the factors you should consider is whether you are doing freelance work, essentially working with different companies and multiple employers at a time, or if you are looking for a more permanent position with one company.

There are different benefits and drawbacks to consider. If you are freelancing, you can completely create your own structure in terms of how you handle your workload, your time, and the demands of your contracting business.

This gives you a lot more options to work remotely from anywhere. If you are working in a permanent environment, you may have to work within specific hours of the day, limiting your flexibility for things like travel and personal time, especially if you are working abroad.

However, you do get the benefit of stability when you work for a company, while freelance work may fluctuate, depending on factors like the time of the year paired with the type of work you do. You also don’t get benefits and may struggle early on when building your network and connections. 

It is important that you understand and properly weigh the benefits and your need for remote working. If it makes sense for your lifestyle, and your situation, it can certainly help improve your life in many ways. Be sure that you are prepared, especially if you are making the transition from a more traditional setting and working environment.

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