24 Steps to Better Customer Service [Complete Guide]

24 Steps to Better Customer Service [Complete Guide]

It is no secret that customer service is an extremely important aspect for any business. In this article, we will look closer at the most important steps for better customer service.

Invest in your employees

Today, most customer service departments are run with the goal of minimizing costs. Cost awareness permeates the entire department in a negative way, among other things by giving the employees minimum wages, short training, and simple management following clear instructions. This only leads to staff getting tired of their jobs. Many departments testify to 100 percent staff turnover during one year and have a staff turnover of 7-8 percent per month.

By investing in quality, you get secure employees who thrive and stay in their roles.

Make customer service a priority

If you want to achieve better economy in your customer service, you should look at the department as an important part of the overall branding strategy. You do this, among other things, by strengthening relationships with the marketing and sales departments and mandating employees to make their own decisions regarding customer management, where the focus is on solving customer problems. And measure everything that happens.

Work with up- sales

For a long time, there has been a clear trend where customer service units are expected to sell. As a unit, the customer service department is well suited for this, as it is a good opportunity to help customers, for example, upgrade their services. It is also a great place to test different services and offers. Along with the marketing and sales department, offers can be packaged and tested for a limited time and then broadly launched. -But respect that not everyone can sell.

There is an obstacle to the point above and it is the staff themselves. There are many catches here, and one of these is the lack of education. To get around this, the existing staff must be trained, prepared and given incentives to want and be able to work with additional sales during their customer service process.

Those who still do not feel comfortable with sales elements should also not be required to do so, as it will do more harm than good. In the case of new recruits, the sales aspect must be included in the requirements specification and the candidates should be tested according to these premises.

Staff customer service after the right level of service

Most people have control over when most calls come in and make forecasts that calculate how long the cases take to process. Based on these calculations, staffing takes place. However, keep in mind that different levels of service will make a big difference in the number of people you need in customer service. How is your service level set? By the customers? Get staff based on the answer to get efficiency in your customer service.

It is also common for opening hours to change and the flexibility of staffing is increased. Full-time services where everyone works between 9 and 5 are rarely a good solution for those who want to run profitable companies and customer service departments. Instead, invest in having a higher proportion of part-time employees and opening hours that correspond to customers’ needs and wants.

Some things never change

The customer service of the future is in many ways here. And if you are not prepared, you will get disgruntled customers, lose customers, and have a hard time converting existing ones.

1. It must be simple

72 percent of customers say that “having to explain my problem to several people” is a poor customer service experience. Likewise, more than half of online shoppers expect customer service to easily find answers to their questions – and if they do not, they will abandon their shopping cart. Customers simply want it to go fast and the process to be seamless. 73 percent say the most important thing a company can do is value their time and give them good service.

2. Customer service must be genuine

In any case, it should be experienced as such. How your customers perceive them to be affected directly affects their purchasing decisions; 70 percent of the buying experience is based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Unfortunately, there is a great misconception here from many companies. While 80 percent of companies describe their service as “superior”, only 8 percent of customers describe it in the same way.

Why you should do customer service on Facebook

Facebook is bigger than ever, and it is continuing to grow. With billions of users, it is therefore also natural for customers to seek answers to questions and give feedback to companies on Facebook.

Still wondering why you should do customer service on Facebook? For several reasons. Partly because it is easy for the customers and strategically smart for you to be where your buyers are. It makes it easy for them to reach you and vice versa. But actually having customer service on Facebook is not just about the social network. It is at least as much about mobile. In recent years, fewer and fewer mobile phones are used for actually calling. Instead, the majority use it to surf, shop, read and write mail, text messages and send instant messages.

Watching, instead of calling, this is the new way to use the mobile. Then customer service must also follow that development.

Some things never change

The customer service of the future is in many ways here. The large American technology companies already sell services and tools to implement them. As always with things that are developing, it takes a few years before it arrives to the rest of the world, and when that happens it has come in a mature and already established form. But some things remain the same. For example, these two:

Recruit the right employees for better sales

It is of the utmost importance that the right person and with the right expertise work with sales in customer service. Recruit after a carefully crafted requirements profile, where you identify important characteristics and knowledge to be able to work in your particular customer service. Use tests in the recruitment process to ensure that the selected candidates actually live up to the requirements.

Give employees a mandate to sell

If you want to increase sales in your company, customer service employees must have permission to work with sales. As part of this, the staff must be trained in sales technology and it must be set aside both time and money for the training. A strategic decision must be made about the working method and investment must be made in routines to support the working method and the employees.

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