Should You Get Business or Private Insurance for Your Van?

A lot of people are torn when it comes to taking out insurance for their vehicles. Getting the right type of insurance for a van is extremely important, and since these vehicles are not like regular automobiles, you need to look at both business and private insurance just to make sure. You have to learn how both policies work, and you should also look at other types of insurance that might fit what you’re trying to do. Let’s take a look at private and business insurance, to help you decide which one you should get for your van.

When You Should Get Commercial Insurance

You will need to get commercial van insurance if you intend to use your vehicle to transport people or merchandise for reward or hire. You will also need commercial insurance if you’re a mobile entrepreneur, like a plumber, building, or a gardener, for instance.

You will also need business van insurance if you use the van to go to work or if you’re an independent seller who has to carry goods. In short, anything that involves driving a van for money will require commercial van insurance.

When You Should Get Private Van Insurance

You should get private van insurance if you only intend to use the vehicle for social reasons. If you want to use a van for private activities during the weekend, like going on long trips or camping, for instance, then getting private insurance works. It also works if you need to do things like jobs around the house and need to get materials from a builder’s yard, among other things.

If this is how you want to use your van, then you should start looking for a good van insurance private policy right now. Some services will allow you to compare quotes for van insurance private between hundreds of providers and pick the best one right on the spot. This will make your search much easier while allowing you to get the best quote possible.

Types of Business Van Insurance

It’s important to know the different types of covers on business van insurance policies to know what you’re covered for. You have insurance for the carriage of your own goods which will cover things like tools and other things that you may need to perform a job. Note that this policy does not cover theft and that you will need another type of cover if you need to carry other people’s goods.

You then have insurance for carriage for hire and reward, also known as courier van insurance. This type of cover is obligatory if you have to deliver other people’s property or goods. 

Commercial haulage insurance is similar but is better for companies who have an established list of clients instead of couriers who have irregular routes and have to perform small orders while making many stops. Also, know that neither of these policies cover the goods you carry. You will need additional goods in transit cover for that.

Now that you know a bit more about the different types of van insurance, you can start looking at your options and see which one is most suitable for you. Take the time to look at everything in your policy in detail, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand certain things.

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