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In today’s faced-paced digital world, content creation is more critical than ever for businesses and individuals alike. However, writing consistently high-quality, unique content can be a significant challenge for writers.

This is where an AI content optimization tool, comes in. It is a cutting-edge AI paraphrasing tool that automates the process of content optimization and saves writers time and effort.

In this article, we are going to review this paraphrasing tool and see whether it is good for content optimization or not.

Let’s get started.  

What is is an AI-powered tool that writers or SEO experts can use to optimize their content without affecting its main idea. This online paraphrasing tool helps to improve the overall quality of the content and make its flow better. 

The tool utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques in its algorithms which help it to automatically rephrase sentences and words while retaining their original meaning. 

Paraphraser provides multiple uploading and downloading options, comes with six effective paraphrasing modes, other tools built-in, etc. (we’ll talk about some of its features in the next section).

So, this is a quick summary of what is. Now let’s go in-depth and explain some of its useful features and how it works. Features

6 Paraphrasing Modes offers six effective modes, where three modes (Fluency, Standard, & Word Changer) are available for free. However, its Creative, Smarter, and Shorten modes are only available in the premium version. 

To provide you with an honest review, we have purchased its premium (Weekly) plan to see how it optimizes content in both its free and premium modes. 

After logging into the tool, we have paraphrased the below passage in all six modes of the tool to see how they optimize the content:

He slowly poured the drink over a large chunk of ice he has especially chiseled off a larger block. He didn’t particularly like his drinks cold, but he knew that the drama of chiseling the ice and then pouring a drink over it looked far more impressive than how he actually liked it.

Now let’s see how each of its modes paraphrases this text.

Fluency: This mode only works to change some specific words with their alternative to improve the content readability without disturbing the text’s original meaning.

Standard: The mode standard is a little bit more effective than mode Fluency and makes the content readable by rephrasing more words.

Word Changer: This mode is newly developed in this tool, which works to change every complicated word with its easy synonym so that the context doesn’t get disturbed.

Creative: This is a premium mode, which not only changes words but also restructures sentences in a readable manner to improve the text quality. 

Smarter: This is also a premium mode, which similarly works as Creative, but this mode completely rephrases the text, which is good if your text contains any kind of plagiarism. 

Shorten: However this mode isn’t a paraphrasing mode, but it helps to shorten the length by removing unnecessary words.

It isn’t wrong to say that the mode Standard, Word Changer, and Smart are very effective as compared to other modes. 

So, this is how each mode of works to optimize the content using AI.

Output Results

So, after checking modes, we have observed that each of its modes works accurately and give effective output results. Along with this, the output generated by this tool also keeps the original meaning of the content

Along with this, if you pasted grammatically incorrect text, then this tool will also correct the errors (as shown below).

Free to start

Another useful feature of is it’s free to start but with some limitations. Free users can use this tool with a 600-word limit and only allow to use three modes out of six.

But all these restrictions will be removed once you upgrade this tool to its premium version, which costs nothing compared to other premium tools.

Multiple Language Support

The free version of is also available in 22 languages, which means that users with different native languages will find this tool very useful. The languages this tool provides are English, Espanol, Norwegian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnam, Italian, Swedish, Romanian, Malay, Polish, Danish, Tagalog, Afrikaans, Ukrainian.


Now, if we talk about the availability of, then it is also available as a mobile (iOS and Android) application that users can download from their mobile stores and desktop (MacBook and Windows) applications.

In addition, if you use WordPress for your content optimization, you can also get the plugin that will allow you to work on your WordPress page.

Customer Support also provides a feature of 24/7 chat support with one of their customer support agents. Along with this, they also provide email ( support.

Other Tools Built-in also provides other tools built-in, Check Plag (Plagiarism Checker), Summarize (Summarizer), and Grammar (Grammar Checker). With the help of this feature, you don’t have to open a new tab and check for plagiarism or grammar errors. You can simply click on the tool button (you want to use), and it will take you to the next tool’s interface.

Provide Suggestions for Word Choice

A useful feature of this tool is that it can also suggest words to replace in a paraphrased text. In other words, the tool lets you replace any word in the output text with suggested synonyms. The use of this feature is shown below.

It is important to remember that this feature is available in all modes except Smarter and Shorten.

Pros & Cons

Some pros of using this online tool are:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Provide multiple options to import the text
  • Utilizes NLP in its algorithms
  • Allow users to download the paraphrased text in .doc format
  • Users can also copy the rephrased text to the clipboard
  • No sign-up or registration required
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Multiple rephrasing modes are available
  • Also available as an application for mobile and desktop users

Some pros of using this online tool are:

  • Too many ads are present on the tool’s screen, but they will be removed in the premium version
  • Smarter and Shorten mode doesn’t have a provide word suggestion feature
  • Doesn’t have a dark mode
  • Sometimes faces lag issues

Pricing and Plans

As we have already mentioned above, this content optimization tool is a freemium tool that also offers a premium version, in which you will enjoy this tool without any limitations.

The premium version of comes with three different plans, which are:

  • Weekly: $7per week
  • Monthly: $20per month
  • Yearly: $12.5per month ($150 billed yearly)

Is it Really a Good AI Content Optimization Tool?

We have finally reached our conclusion about; that is, it is a good and useful AI content optimization tool that you can use to make your content unique and engaging. However, this tool restricts you to some of its features in the free version, but all restrictions will be removed after purchasing any of its premium plans.

Along with this, the developers of this tool are working very hard to make it a handy tool for its users. Constantly with time, they add some new features in this tool, like recently, they added Word Changer in the mode’s list.

Another useful reason we said this is a good content optimization tool is its output results and working. The AI of this tool not only paraphrases the text but also searches for any grammatical error so that it can correct it (as we have shown in the “Output Results” section).

So, it’s not wrong to say that is a really good and useful AI content optimization tool for writers and SEO experts.


This article was a review of an online tool called We have reviewed everything in this like, its key features, its modes and their working, its output results, its availability, and the pricing plan of its premium version.

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