Leveraging A Daily Deal Promotion: Is it Good For Your Business?

Leveraging A Daily Deal Promotion: Is it Good For Your Business?

Business promotion is vital to boost sales which eventually increases profits. Although many business owners opt for seasonal promotions, due to the cost of promoting your business consistently, your business needs multiple ways of generating income to increase revenues with the likes of a digital gift certificate payment. Opting for a daily deal promotion has proven to be a more feasible way to attain success.

Why Should I Leverage Daily Deal Promotions?

Making the most out of daily deal promotions has so many pros. However, we cannot ignore the substantial benefits of daily deal promotions as they are captivating and vital for business growth and development. These reasons include:

Targeted local advertising

Daily deal promotions have an extensive customer database that can be sorted according to customer location. Your offer will be published to subscribers in your area environment by advertising your business to a large local audience. Local customers are more likely than others to visit your business as the idea of knowing your service provider is within close range reduces people’s paranoia of being scammed. These people will likely become repeat customers when they receive satisfactory services from you.

Increased Brand awareness

Daily deal promotion can dramatically increase the awareness of your business both locally and internationally. You can take advantage of daily deals from multiple websites to promote your business. One unique method of doing this is with eGift certificates. Brand experts at www.thegiftcardcafe.com explain how eGift certificates are leveraged to boost brand awareness.

Usually, a turn-key full-featured gift certificate sales and management system branded with your company’s logo is provided. The gift certificate is then easily added to any website with a simple link or buy gift button. In addition, direct links to your email marketing and social media sites are also provided, enabling you to reach a wider audience with a straightforward tool.

Great exposure

Offers are sent to a  lot of subscribers. These offers are visible to everyone who visits a daily deal promotion website irrespective of the number of times visited. In addition, some sites go the extra mile to provide accompanying television advertising, which gives your business more exposure.  Only a few small-scale businesses can afford to promote their businesses so much and achieve such mass exposure in any other way.

Recommendations From Satisfied Customers

Promotion websites are sometimes referred to as ‘social websites’ due to customers’ role in spreading information about good deals. Every good deal tends to go viral’, as customers who are impressed post details and links of such deals on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and even their WhatsApp statuses so that their friends will make the most out of the incredible offers.

A lot of sites have sprung up due to customers finding and posting good deals from other places. 

New Customers

Marketing is generally a very effective tool in attracting new customers.  Having new customers will undoubtedly boost your sales. When you acquire a new customer, it is an excellent opportunity to turn them into repeat customers by offering exceptional services.

Their repeat visit is worth much more to you than their initial visit as they are more likely to patronise more of your service due to the trust you earned from the initial visit. Learning skills on maintaining new customers is just as important. Daily deal promotion will only be marketing your services and attracting new customers. It is your responsibility to keep them.

Cross-sell And Up-sell

A carefully planned daily deal promotion strategically incorporates many opportunities for you to up-sell (offer a higher-priced product in the same category) or cross-sell (provide related products or services). For example, suppose a daily deal promotion offers a $15 discount on the cheapest laptop in your gadgets store.

In that case. In that case, you can encourage customers derived from daily deal promotions to use the discount on much more expensive and better-quality laptops. This allows the customer to get the same discount but spend more. This is a way of increasing your profit. If you’re a piercing and tattoo parlour offering discount belly button piercings, each customer who rings to make a booking could also be offered an upper helix piercing. If they accept, your profit on the extra service will most likely cover the financial loss of the discount.

Fast  Promotion

Many daily deal promotion websites operate quickly and are more reliable compared to traditional marketing. In addition, once you opt for their services and make payments as a business owner, the service you offer will be sent immediately to the inbox of all of their subscribers. As a result, you can expect patronage almost immediately.

Quick Sales

Subscribers can patronise you as soon as they read about your offer and may even visit your business as soon as the need for your services arises. A typical example is if you own a cosmetic store.

When clearing out a limited edition mascara that hasn’t been sold out when you are restocking, you can announce that all vouchers must be redeemed within a fortnight. Else, they become invalid. This way, your target customers rush to pick up the mascara, so they do not buy it at the original price. Daily promotion websites are very good at clearing excess and superseded goods.

Zero Upfront Advertising Costs

Unlike other forms of advertising, daily deal promotion websites do not require you to pay front for them to run your offer and get your business name on the lips of their subscribers. All you need to do is cover the cost of honouring all the coupons that have been sold. 


Having the right business will help you generate profit from daily deal promotions instead of the speculation that you may run at a loss. In addition, if you have a highly affordable structure, you will increase your number of customers without significantly increasing your costs.

For example, if a massage parlour pays two staff, the costs would not be dramatically altered if four customers derived from daily customers promotions patronise after they already had eight customers. If each of the customers the daily deal promotion pays $60 instead of $120, the business owner still generates profit even after the daily deal promotion site takes its share. 

Using the services of daily deal promotion is an excellent step at promoting your business, gaining customers and making good profits. So, take your business to greater heights, employ the services of daily deal promotion.

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