Importance of Team Collaboration at your Workplace

Insecure managers, poor self-awareness, unhealthy group formations, difficulties in giving and receiving criticism contribute to workplace conflicts. There is no workplace that is completely problem-free or perfect. A good collaboration and a good working climate is not something that creates itself. It is something we create together.

If a leader is too vague in communication with their employees and does not dare to tackle the problems but instead sweeps them under the carpet, then the leader is involved in creating a bad atmosphere in the workplace.

A leader must be confident in himself/herself in order to be clear and distinct. He or she must have self-knowledge in order to be a mainstay for their employees.

When groups meet, new ideas and perspectives are created. Having the ability to communicate immediately and visually makes it possible not only for employees to more easily and better communicate their ideas and discuss with their colleagues, but also to have human interactions with each other, regardless of location.

By being able to work with other colleagues from different departments within the business, regardless of location, new communication channels are opened that promote learning and development. Cooperation between different departments is important, and for success, companies must find new ways to strengthen their staff to communicate and share information across borders.


Happy employees

Many employees today have the opportunity to work from any place and spend valuable hours, which otherwise might be spent commuting, with their families and loved ones or for leisure interests. But human contact is not only important in personal life but also in the workplace, and the experience of human contact is facilitated when you see and talk to a person.

To achieve this, all types of technology will play a role, such as audio / video conferencing technology, headsets, solutions for small meeting rooms, etc. To create a work environment where employees feel valued and have the opportunity to share their skills with colleagues is the key to creating a more satisfying workplace. Happy and satisfied employees are productive employees and it is beneficial for all companies.

There is no denying the importance of the benefits of collaboration in the workplace. But just how important is it? Bloomfire has created a beautiful infographic that breaks down just how important team collaboration in the workplace is.

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