How to Warm up your Leads with Marketing Automation

How to Warm up your Leads with Marketing Automation

Today’s marketing largely revolves around generating new leads. But there is great potential to process existing contacts. In this blog post you will find tips on how to capture the right data and set up campaigns that bring your leads closer to a purchase.

It is important to keep the database updated and fresh. All in order to deliver content with the highest relevance possible. It is possible to divide the contacts into different segments depending on motivation and demographics. Role, interest and company size are other good places to start.

How do you get this information then? Start by adding fields to your forms to collect as much data as possible. This makes it easy to build up different flows depending on these answers. The last thing you want to do is send out the same content to the entire database.

For example, you can ask your visitors when they want to download your content. Company size and driving force are both key issues.

Before you start building different types of feeds, it is so important that you have enough content – and especially good content – to be able to add value to your audience. There are a couple of different types of campaigns and automated feeds that you can test.

New leads

A perfect alternative for new leads that have just converted for the first time. You get an opportunity to introduce your brand and what you stand for. Focus a little extra on easy-to-understand content that has a broad approach. Avoid talking about specific features on some of your products.

Re-engage nurture

Time passes and suddenly you stand there with a bunch of leads that are starting to get cold. No one from the market or sales has talked to these for months. Here is a re-engagement perfect to see if there is any involvement. In some cases, they have quit their jobs and you have an inactive email address in your database. Identify these and remove them from upcoming mailings to improve the quality of your lists.

Sales Promotions

Here it is important to tip your leads over the edge. Be sure to only target these campaigns to leads that are a bit further down the funnel and are considered to be close to convertng. There’s no point in doing a “hard sell” campaign to someone who just downloaded a white paper. Make sure to sync these campaigns with the sales department to boost each other.

Tips on keeping leads warm

1. RSS feed from the blog

This is perhaps the simplest and most time-saving tactic. Have a form on your blog page that visitors can fill out if they want notifications from your blog. You can then set up a feed that sends out an email every time a new post is published. Perfect for keeping leads warm and even driving traffic to your website.

2. Share your case

Do you have any work with a customer that you are extra proud of? Customer cases are very effective down the line. People trust other people and more than happy to hear what they think about different products and services. If you have segmented lists depending on the industry, company size or turnover, it is very easy to send out emails and match customer cases with leads in a similar situation.

3. Interactive content

Interactive content has been a hot topic for a long time, but in recent years it has completely exploded. Campaigns where the visitor himself finds out what there is to gain from using your solution or service, is becoming more and more common. Campaigns to push this type of content work very well and are a great way to once again end up top-of-mind with the buyer.

4. Relaunches

Is something happening to your business? While launches and new products have a little too much “inside and out” focus, sometimes it is a new feature of the tool that triggers the buyer. Be sure to set up a plan for how your company communicates different types of launches and product offerings.

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