How to Turn Visitors Into Leads with Marketing Automation

How to Turn Visitors Into Leads with Marketing Automation

As an online business and e-retailer, it is important to drive traffic and convert visitors to leads. With a system for Marketing Automation, you as an e-retailer can automate the distribution of content and ensure that the recipient receives relevant information depending on where he is in the sales funnel. We give you our best tips on how to maximize your conversion with a Marketing Automation system.

1. Strategy vs. Marketing Automation

Before you get into the technology behind Marketing Automation, you as an e-retailer should carefully consider what is the purpose of automating your marketing. What do you want to achieve? What features should be automated? Is it selling more in e-commerce? Turn visitors into leads? You set the rules of the game yourself. With a razor-sharp strategy that interacts with your content that you use in your Marketing Automation system, you as an e-retailer can create a success recipe.

2. Welcome your customers

“First impressions last”. A good start to a long-term customer relationshipis to send automated, personalized welcome messages to those who have registered on your website. With a welcome message, you lay a good foundation for continuing to work with the customer in the sales funnel and create a good first impression.

3. Convert abandoned shopping baskets for sale

An abandoned shopping cart does not always mean that the customer regrets it. By sending automated emails with the products left behind, you can easily find out if the interest exists and at the same time increase the conversion rate in your e-commerce. Mailchimp is an example of a free tool where you as an e-merchant can automate a flow where the e-mail is sent out within a certain time frame after the customer has abandoned his shopping basket.

4. The E-retailers best friend

To meet customer needs, you as an e-retailer must be a master at handling many things at the same time. Now there is the opportunity to share content with the recipients in a personal way, based on where they are in their buying process, without the need for you as a responsible person to do manual hand laying on every lead and every interaction. However, it is important to take into account that Marketing Automation is not a magical phenomenon that requires no preliminary work.

To succeed with Marketing Automation, you need to set a clear target image, do the basic job and constantly analyze and optimize the results of your work. If you succeed, you can use Marketing Automation as a sophisticated tool to capture and identify leads, collect information about potential customers’ desires and behaviors, and automate the distribution of content based on these insights.

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