How to Move Office Successfully

The past 18 months have seen working conditions and norms overturned, as employees have been forced or recommended to work from home. Meanwhile, those firms with office spaces have been considering moving to a less central area or downsizing in order to operate a hybrid working system, splitting their workforce between home workers and office workers.

This means it’s all change in the office rental market, and it’s all change for hundreds of relocating firms. In this article, you’ll learn how you can move office successfully, seamlessly embedding your business in a new building. 

Office Supplies

Your office supplies range from the furniture your workers will use to the hardware they’ll work upon and the stationery filling your cupboards. You’ll have enough of these supplies in your old office – after all, it housed all of your staff before the pandemic. But this is a moment for you to consider whether you should upgrade your office supplies, or whether you should pay a removal service to move your existing furniture to a new office. 

There are benefits to starting anew with your office supplies. I’ll give your whole office a sense of freshness: a clean slate upon which to build a better business culture. Plus, it’ll also be a long-term investment in your new home, buying supplies that suit your new office rather than bringing in those items of furniture that populated your last one. 

Hardware and Connectivity

As soon as there are chairs and desks in your office, you want your staff to be able to sit in them to begin working. The final piece of that puzzle is, of course, their computer, their monitors, and the other equipment you need in place for them to do their job, like an office phone line. Plenty of cables will need to be run into the appropriate positions, and a good deal of IT problem-solving will also need to occur. 

Often all of this is rather daunting for a firm moving from place to place. That’s why corporate communications firms exist to help you embed in your new office location, building out your new telecommunications networks and hardware systems to ensure you’re ready to work in your new office space. 


When a firm moves office, its staff will want to feel that the move is a positive one – that they’re moving towards a more comfortable, convenient, and creative space. If the office move feels like a step backward, employee morale could suffer – leaving you with a team that resents their new office space.

So the finishing touches on your office are going to be particularly important as you orchestrate your move. What perks can you bring in? What kitchen facilities can you provide your workers? Will they appreciate more office plants or a section of the office given over to comfy chairs in which they can relax and unwind after a difficult phone call? These additional touches could really make your office move a success with your workers. 

There you have it: three key areas to concentrate on so that your office move goes off without a hitch.

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