How to Measure Brand Awareness?

How to Measure Brand Awareness?

Can you even measure brand awareness?

Today there is a jungle of brands, companies, and services, you can almost get what you want when you want. The only problem is that a lot of brands are moving in the same sector, and they offer the same thing. With that said, how do you stand out?

How do you stand out and sell more than your competitor? There are many answers to that question, but one of the most important things is to be familiar with their target group.

What is brand awareness?

We start from the beginning – what is brand awareness really? Simply put, it is exactly what the term implies. Thus, how well people are familiar with your brand or your product. It is a measurement of how well established the brand or service is with the target group.

If you recognize the product on the shelf in the store without the brand name, you have good brand awareness. And of course, if you have a product that people can’t name or not point out – its brand awareness is less good.

Having good brand awareness is especially important for companies that face tough competition. And that’s exactly how many markets look today; there are very many companies located in the same segment; they sell similar products or services. In these cases, it is extra important to stick out.

There are two types of brand awareness:

  • Spontaneous brand awareness – How many people know your brand without help? For example: “How familiar are you with soda?”
  • Helped brand awareness – How many people know your brand with help?

So how do you measure brand awareness?

How to measure brand awareness is much more diffuse than measuring other parameters. Since brand awareness is not as concrete as other metrics. Because of this, it becomes difficult to evaluate and analyze. But still, it is very important for companies to keep track of how well-known people are with their brand.

Here are some CPIs to measure to get how well established the brand is:

  • The total and unique range
  • The number of page views and the time users stay on the page
  • Number of users
  • Surveys

In addition to measuring the points above, you should also review the users’ activity on your site or your social media accounts. There you can see how they move and especially what they do on your site; do they stay long? Will they come back often? How did they get to your site?

This is measured in Google Analytics, the channels’ own or other linked analytics programs.

Increase brand awareness with Influencer Marketing

Increasing brand awareness is easier than ever in today’s digital society. Of course, this is easier through marketing and even easier through Influencer marketing.

For the best possible brand building, a good match between product or service and influencers is required, perhaps even licensing; when an influencer puts their name on, for example, a clothing collection. This will also contribute to an increased association right and it is an important CPI to measure in order to gain brand awareness.

Creative campaigns lay the foundation for brand-building campaigns, influencers are an incredibly good asset for creativity. They (usually) have all the means to make a creative campaign and are very knowledgeable in their segment.

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