How to Get More Leads: Our Top Tips

How to Get More Leads: Our Top Tips

Generating leads is a process that involves visibility, availability, and marketing. Strategies such as Inbound & Content marketing are tried and true in digital marketing to reach more potential customers and thus an example of how to get more leads.

To be able to get customers to your company and sell your products and services, you need leads. Finding and reaching them can be a challenging process if you do not know where to start and how to proceed. Therefore, you should now get some tips and advice along the way that hopefully can help you find the right place in the marketing jungle to find good strategies for generating leads.

What are leads and what should I use them for?

You may be wondering what leads are, so before we go through how you can find them and collect them, we should, of course, clarify the concept. All the people who may be interested in your products or services, and who may thus become customers, are called leads. So it is not those who have expressed a direct interest in what you have to offer. Instead, leads are all the people who may be interested in the products.

It can be anything from the contacts you and your employees have in your personal networks, to all the people you don’t know but who can be reached by and interested in your message. Generating leads is therefore about reaching out with your message and giving it as much dissemination as possible.

But how do you do to find and reach all the leads? The answer is marketing. With strong marketing, you reach more people and thus get more leads, ie potential customers. The leads that then show active interest are your prospects and some of these prospects will become customers. Thus, the larger reach you get, the more leads you generate, which in turn gives you more prospects and thus increases your chances of getting a sale.

More service – less selling

The role of the seller has changed quite a bit in recent years. Customers no longer need to contact a seller to get information about the products and services available, instead, they look up the information they need online.

In order to keep up with the changing buying process, your marketing should also shift the focus from focusing on sales, to providing service and creating some kind of added value for the customer. No matter how you choose to market the product, and in what channels, you can have service in mind and put yourself in the buyer’s seat when considering what messages you want to convey.

Generate leads with digital marketing

Digital marketing is currently the surest way to reach out to many people and get a wide spread at a relatively low cost. There are many different channels and methods to use and if you use them well they not only generate many leads but the leads you need to actually get to sell. Digital marketing is a big area and to make it more clear.


On a website, you can find information about the company and the products. You can link to your social media and other important channels that the company uses. On the website, you can link a blog, let visitors sign up for newsletters and create a whole platform for your visitors where they can access content while giving them an opportunity to communicate with you through comments in the blog, contact forms or links to e- mail.

Creating and maintaining a website is not as complicated as many people think, as there are many simple templates to get started. Keep in mind that many people will visit the website via mobiles and tablets and the website should, therefore, be customized, responsive, even for mobile devices.


An interesting and informative blog can arouse curiosity, drive traffic to the website and lead to sales. In addition to publishing posts that are only about the company and the products, you can also use your blog to provide information about what is happening in the company, hint about news and similar.

You can also provide tips, advice, and inspiration in your area of ​​the blog and thus make it a little more personal, something that is more enticing for visitors to read than a completely sales-focused blog. To draw people to the blog, you can link to the homepage or to specific posts in your newsletters and social media, for even greater dissemination.


With the help of a newsletter, you can let your followers know about everything that happens in the company. You can link to blog posts with relevant content and also send out different types of campaigns and offers. When you use newsletters you can also analyze which subscribers, you can see how many new subscribers you have received, how many who have unsubscribed and what type of unit the e-mail has been read on. In other words, you can get a good basis for who your subscribers are, what they like, etc.

Landing Page

A landing page can be likened to a website that targets a specific target group, based among other things, on their purchase history. Visitors end up on the landing page through a campaign you send out in your newsletter or by clicking on an ad promoting it. Having an interesting offer linked to your landing page increases the chance that visitors will move on to other pages. In this way, a regular visitor is converted to a lead and perhaps even to a buyer.

Social Media

The Internet was considered just a fad and social media have also suffered its fair share of criticism, but social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach a large target audience and generate interest. You can use social media to link to your website, remind your followers that there is something new to read on the blog or to link to older posts that have become relevant again, to hint about campaigns and more.

It’s really just your imagination that sets the limits of what you can do in social media. By making the company’s social media personal and maintaining a certain level of transparency where followers and temporary visitors can gain a good insight into your business, the chances of these visitors being converted into leads also increase. People like things that are personal and seem to come from the heart.

High-quality content

It is not possible to talk about marketing without also discussing content. Having a website, newsletters, presenting campaigns and creating added value is not enough to get you leads and definitely not enough to turn leads into customers in the long run. You must have high-quality content. Here are three points that will help you get a little sharper.

Be consistent

Whatever you publish, be consistent. Be consistent with color themes and fonts, customers should be able to recognize your content in all channels and this is best done through a consistent layout and theme. Use the same font, have roughly the same language in all channels, and make sure the visitor can follow a theme through all channels. Also, be consistent with what days and how often you publish so you get to the consistency. To make it easier, you can create a content calendar where you plan what to publish, which days, times and in which channels.

Fine-tune the content

Think about what you say and how you say it. Partly by following the company’s layout but also by having a language adapted for the target group.

Correct spelling mistakes and make sure you have a good distribution between text, images, ads and other things you want to include. If your newsletter has too much product focus, you can think about if something can be saved for next time, delete something and instead add a link to an inspirational blog post. Don’t forget to make sure that there is a pervasive theme in everything you do and prevent a widespread impression.


Don’t forget to follow up on activities and campaigns. Answer questions and comments from your visitors and analyze the results of your marketing. What has been estimated and spread and what has produced less good results? Think about why it looks like it does and what you need to change to improve.

Which target group has responded less well to what you do and how can you capture them? By following up, you also have the opportunity to evaluate who you reach in the current situation and which you can focus on going forward.

So there are several ways to go when you want to generate more leads. Many methods work well in combination but you do not have to choose all. Choose the communication channels where you can reach your potential leads best, where you feel comfortable and don’t forget to have fun along the way.

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