How to Generate Leads Through LinkedIn

How to Generate Leads Through LinkedIn

Often it is talked about that it is good for “business” to appear on LinkedIn and to use it, but what does it mean in practice? And how can a customer journey look from being visible on LinkedIn to actually becoming a lead for your business?

LinkedIn is today one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and if you are not using it, you are missing out on great opportunities. Where your target audience is, that’s where you should be. So let’s look closer at how you can generate leads through LinkedIn.

Although it is, of course, an advantage if you can be consistent, it is also not the end of the world if it goes a month or two when you do not update as often on the platform. The most important thing is that you do the right things over time so that in the long term you build effective communication and network via LinkedIn.

Because it is very difficult to say when the lead and result will come, but one day a LinkedIn contact hears and says “I came to think that you are good at this, can you help our company?”.

And it’s not always about generating the most likes or impressions, even if it’s something you should strive for. Because if you are clear in the communication with your skills and what you as a company do well, you will be top-of-mind with many. In the long run, it will also provide results.

Studies show that most people would rather contact a potential supplier they know before than Googling one that fits one’s requirements and needs. But how do you actually succeed? Below we offer some simple tips.

Just do it…

Often you get caught in the trap that it feels difficult or complicated when you make an update. What should I say and how to do it? Where can I find a relevant image? How can you create appealing content for LinkedIn that generate results? But your first posts will never be the best, but see it as a long process where you learn more and more about what goes on in your contacts. Gradually you will learn how to get a good foundation.

Don’t just focus on the likes

Sometimes it can feel difficult to write public releases about a special area, and when you spend several hours on a blog post it can feel pointless when you only get a few likes. Of course, it is better to have as many likes as possible, but many people still see your content. It is quite often you will get feedback on things that you have written without anyone pressing “like”. So thanks to being active you will still be top-of-mind with many people around the skills you have. Your goal is to always be in contact with your audience, and creating content will help you with just that.

Mix competence with heart

The number of people who are interested in what you do is significantly fewer than those who want to congratulate you on a new job or something you succeed with. Therefore, you have to offer your core competence in some posts and in others you go more broadly and appeal to a wider audience. Examples of core competence can be a novelty in your field of work, and a wider post can eg. Be about any achievement that you are extra proud of.

Good pictures

In a fast-moving world, small short messages can be important. Therefore, you should put extra energy into your profile picture , cover photo, and these types of aspects. With these two elements you create a clear message about what you are good at and that you are open to dialogue. It should feel easy and exciting to contact you if you need help with anything.

The balance between driving traffic and getting impact

In many cases, you would like to drive traffic to your own website as there is more information about your services there. But the downside is that LinkedIn penalizes you as soon as you start driving traffic from their platform since they want to keep users on their own platform. So in relevant cases, drive traffic to your site and in other cases focus more on posts that get shared and achieve maximum reach.

Help others by commenting and sharing

In order to make an impact with their own material, it is important to interact with others. So work on engagement by liking and commenting on other people’s content. You will probably notice that these people will give back by paying attention to your content.

Finally, it is also about setting a good structure for your work. Scheduling your activities gives you better conditions for success. Challenge yourself also by taking out the turns a bit. Try to be both serious and funny and evaluate what gives the best feedback from your contacts. Because you have patience and do a solid job, the lead will come contacting you if you need help with anything.

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