How to Convert your Visitors to Leads

How to Convert your Visitors to Leads

When you have traffic to your website, it is time to convert these website visitors into leads and ultimately customers.

Having many visitors to your site is good but does not in itself lead to increased sales. To increase the chance of sales, it is important to convert the visitors to new potential customers, so-called leads. Good leads reduce sellers’ amount of cold calls and lead to better sales.

Creating more leads requires both good text, images and a website that is designed correctly. A contact form that visitors can easily fill out for further information is a convenient and easy way to convert visitors to leads. A contact form should not consist of quantities with fields but must be completed in a few seconds.

Website design

The basis of generating leads is to create an attractive design on the site. Most visitors do not feel any confidence in an amateurish, cluttered or generally boring website. Therefore, make sure to create an appealing design that looks professional and creates the right feeling for the visitor. It should also be easy for the visitor to find the information he or she is looking for. Assume that the money for the design is an investment and not a cost.

A nice design attracts the visitor’s attention but the neat surface is not enough but the content must be good enough. What the company offers must be clear. Place the most important information at the top of the page. If you have special buttons you want the visitor to click on, it is important to place them early on the page.

A contact form that you want the visitor to fill in should come up high and must not end at the bottom after a long text. In general, it is important not to write too long texts as the average visitor does not spend more than a few minutes reading through a text.

Colors are of great importance to how the visitor perceives the site. The colors and contrasts that attract will depend on the target audience of the site. An easy way is to test different shades and see how different colors affect the number of conversions to leads. Continue with the colors that give the most leads!


The price of goods or services should be stated on the website and should be easy to find. If it is difficult to enter specific pricing information due to the complexity of the goods or services, visitors should nevertheless be given an indication of an approximate price.

Social confirmation

Anyone who buys a product wants to feel that he or she has made the right decision and made a good purchase. In order for visitors to gain confidence in your business and its offers, it is good to use positive customer references and reviews. Potential customers will then gain confidence in your product and dare to make a purchase.

Mobile optimization

Don’t forget that the site must not only work on a computer but also on mobile devices. If the site takes too long to download or does not work on a tablet or mobile phone, the chances of leads decrease and the visitors get a negative impression of the company. Therefore, always test the site on different devices and in different browsers.

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